Kumkum Bhagya 10th November 2023 Written Update: Rajvansh decides to steal the contract from Krishna


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The episode starts with Prachi thinking of Ranbir. Prachi questions Ranbir in her heart why did he leave her alone? Purvi says to Prachi that they are being late. Prachi agrees and leaves from there.

Krishna asks Rajvansh what was he saying about him. Rajavnash says to Krishna that he has become old and says this is their time. Krishna reminds Rajvasnsh that he has over two hundred branches all over India. Krishna says to Rajvansh that the production made his company for a year. Krishna says his company’s small branches do that much production within a month.

Krishna reminds Rajvansh about the differences between resources they have within their disposal. Krishna says to Robert that he wants Rajvansh to handle Robert’s launch of business in India. Rajvansh asks Krishna why is that? Krishna says because he knows Rajvansh cannot launch this business and he will be flop. Krishna says after he loses this business Robert will come to Krishna and Krishna will double the price. Rajvansh argues with Krishna hearing this. Robert stops their argument and says he needs to talk to CEO before taking a decision.

Krishna asks his assistant to book a ticket to Mumbai as Rajvansh is going to give them a tough fight to get this contract.

Rajvansh’s friend praises Krishna infront of Rajvansh. Rajvansh says he is going to steal the contract from Krishna and teach him a lesson.

Rajvansh asks his friend to put the tempo aside so that the car can go inside.

Rajavansh’s friend asks Purvi to put the tempo aside. Purvi asks Rajvansh’s friend to help them take the boxes. Rajvansh’s friend agrees and helps Purvi and Riya.

Purvi asks the driver to put the tempo aside. Rajvansh parks his car after the tempo goes to a side.

Riya and Purvi thank Rajvansh’s friend for his help. Rajvansh’s friend teases Riya and leaves from there.

Ashutosh comes to Prachi’s family. Ashutosh apologises to Prachi’s family as he is late. Riya teases Ashutosh. Ashutosh says he had to do a lot of work. Prachi set up their stall.

Riya comes and sees Rajvansh doing the ribbon cutting. Rajvansh and the organiser leave from there. Jassi bhai comes along with his men. Riya gets scared seeing Jassi bhai here. Riya says to Purvi about Jassi bhai coming here.

Jassi bhai sees someone has done the ribbon cutting. Jassi bhai asks his men to go and bring the organiser to him. Jassi bhai decides to teach a lesson to the organiser.

Ashutosh helps Purvi’s family in setting up the stall. Manpreet asks Visakha to stop eating everything in the name of tasting.

The Pandit and the organiser come to Jassi Bhai. Jassi bhai asks the organiser who is doing the catering? The organiser says it’s the old catering company. Kumkum Bhagya catering company.

Jassi bhai recalls that when he behaved rudely with Purvi she slapped him.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Jassi threatens the Pandit and the organiser. Ranbir comes to Mumbai he sees a woman from the back at the airport and mistakes her for Prachi.