KumKum Bhagya 11th March 2022 Written Update: Prachi sends Ranbir with Rhea


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The episode starts with Prachi and Ranbir are on the bed. Ranbir says I love you. Prachi asks what he said. Ranbir tells I love you and holds her hand. Sahana supports the person. Aliya and Rhea ask her to not involve in their matter. Inspector asks Aliya to come to the station saying it’s hit and run case and we have proof. Aliya apologises to that person and tells him that she will pay for the loss. Inspector agrees and asks her to finish the formalities. Rhea notices Ranbir and Prachi are missing then she goes to Prachi’s room. She gets shocked and wakes up Prachi. Prachi tells her she wants to sleep. Rhea asks what’s Ranbir doing in her room. Prachi gets up from bed and tells her that she will sleep in her room. Rhea tells Prachi that she is in her room, and Ranbir came to her room. She asks her, what her husband is doing in her room. Prachi asks her to know it from Ranbir. Rhea says he can’t come here and you may bring him here and she calls her shameless and scolds Prachi for spoiling her life. Prachi tells her she wants to sleep and asks her to leave taking her things. Rhea says you’re trying for a chance to make h yours. Prachi wakes up Ranbir and sends him with Rhea to get some rest.

Rhea brings Ranbir to her home. Aliya leaves from there when Rhea tells she doesn’t need any help. Sahana sees Ranbir in Rhea’s room and asks her what’s Ranbir doing in her room. Rhea says I’m Ranbir’s wife and she insults Sahana and closes door on her face telling Prachi is the one who sends Ranbir with her. Sahana goes to Prachi’s room and tries to talk with her but Prachi is in deep sleep because of medicine.

Rhea wakes up Ranbir. He imagines Prachi in Rhea’s place. Sahana comes near Rhea’s room to stop them and she peeks into room. Pallavi scolds her for behaving in that way and warns her to throw her out if she involves in Rhea and Ranbir’s matter. Sahana tells hope nothing wrong happen and is about to leave from there. Pallavi stops her and tells she will stay near their room to not let anyone disturb them. Vikram wakes up and notices Pallavi is missing then he notices that he forgot to invite Rishi Oberoi to Holi celebrations. He calls Rishi and invites him and his family for the Holi celebrations. Rishi agrees to attend the event.

Next day Prachi wakes up and notices Sahana in the room and asks what happened. Sahana asks her to not misunderstand Ranbir. Prachi asks what happened. Sahana says Rhea said you sent Ranbir with her. Prachi says yes I did. Shahana tells Prachi that she has a fear that Rhea has celebrated her wedding night with Ranbir. Rhea tells Aliya that they coudnt intimate as he fell unconscious. Aliya asks her to make everyone believe that they consummated and Aliya tells her plan. Prachi says Ranbir can never do it. Pallavi and Aliya open the door. Prachi comes there. Rhea tricks them into thinking that she got intimate with Ranbir. Ranbir wakes up and asks how he came to her room. Prachi leaves from there in anger. Pallavi apologizes to them for spoiling their moment and leaves telling them she is waiting for Grandkid.

Episode ends.

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