KumKum Bhagya 11th October 2021 Written Update: Pragya gets the Tender


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The episode begjns with Abhi dragging Aliya with him. He leaves her hand and shouts at her for working for Gaurav. Aliya says may br she is lying so that she can benefit and shs has actually tricked Gaurav. Abhi says that shs is not lying and he has actually seen whatever has happened in the room. Aliya says that Pragya has asked her to work and hence she is working. Abhi says that it’s not right. Aliya says shd can very well do what she wants to and leaves from there but stops seeing Pragya she tells her that whatever happens in the conferance room won’t be anything personal and leaves from there. Abhi apologises to her to which she asks him why he is apologising to her to which he says that he is apologising to her because his sister is working with her enemy. She tells him that it doesn’t matter ahd says that what matters the most is there is someone who is standing for her by her side and trusting him. She thanks him. Abhi leaves from there not knowing how to react to her words.

Ranbir comes to Prachi who is cooking ahd starts teasing her. He interferes in her work not letting her work. They both get into a play where a little flour gets on his cheek. He threatens her to do the same to her. Prachi panics. Ranbir places a kiss on her cheek. Shaina who is passing by the side sees them together and keeps on looking at them. Prachi sees her and they both get seperated. Shaina excuses and leaves from there. Ranbir gets a call and he gets busy in his phone and leaves from there.

Shaina comes to Rhea ahd sees her trying to walk. She asks ger whether it is hurting her after holding her. Rhea says it is hurting but she doesn’t wants to sit in the room as they both will start romancing each other if she stays in the room. Shaina says a husband and wife will always get time to romanse with each other. She tells her that she has seen him romancing Prachi in the kitchen and asks him how romantic he would he in the room. Rhea tells her that this reality is temporary and the reality will be her ahd him. Shaina tries to convince her to which Rhea asks her to lesve.

Pragya and Abhi comes to the conference room to see Gaurav with Aliya. Few men comes there ahd ssys that Gaurav got the deal to which Pragya asks thrm to check and say. They say Kiara company has got the tender. Abhi looks at her emotionally and hugs her. Abhi leaves from there.

Pallavi asks Prachi not to mess up telling her that Rajeshwari is coming to sign the papers.

Shaina comes to Rhea where they both patch up with each other. Prachi comes there and tells Rhea that she has a good news. Shaina asls her whether she is Pregnant. The Screen Freezes On Rhea.

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