KumKum Bhagya 12th May 2022 Written Update: Ranbir shows proof of Prachi’s innocence to the police


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The episode starts with the police coming to arrest Prachi and Vikram asking them for some time. The Police say they have strict orders from the department. The lady constable goes to handcuff Prachi but accidentally they fell down. Rhea comes and picks up the handcuffs and taunts Prachi. Lady constable puts her in handcuffs and they try to take her away. Ranbir comes and stops them and tells the police to release Prachi. Ranbir gives the police the proof of Prachi’s innocence.

Ranbir releases Prachi from her handcuffs. Rhea asks who will take responsibility if she tries to kill her again. Police say nobody as Prachi was not at home when the murder attempt happened. Police show Rhea the proof and photo of CCTV footage that she is not at home. The police also show the photo of Alia bringing a tool bag into the house. Alia gives an explanation for it. Police say ok and they leave without arresting anybody.

Rhea talks to herself and stands on the railing. Alia sees it and thinks she is attempting suicide and shouts at Rhea. Alia tries to get her down by talking to her. Rhea takes it lightly and tells her if she jumps from here her dreams will all end here right. Rhea says she will not end her dreams that lightly and gets down with the help of Alia. Alia asks what is she doing by standing on the railing.

Rhea says she will never attempt suicide the family can think like that but you are my aunt how can you think like that. Rhea says for doing something she needs an audience and without an audience, she will not do anything. Alia asks then who is there for you to show off. Rhea says she stood on the railing to get some fresh air. She says for every life she wants her as an aunt. Rhea goes to freshen up.

Alia talks to herself and decides she will take Prachi out of Rhea’s life. Prachi comes to Alia and asks why she looks tensed. She asks if she wants her to bring something to her. Alia says stop it as your magic won’t work on me so stay away from my Rhea. She leaves. Prachi thinks what happened to her. Rhea comes out of the bathroom and she notices Prachi leaving her room. Rhea thinks she has to get ready for Ranbir. Ranbir sees Prachi with a saree and he tells her to not to do anything against her wish. Prachi looks on.

The next day, Rhea notices her Mangalsutra is missing while getting ready. She searches for it. She recalls Prachi entered her room. She thinks Prachi might steal my mangalsutra recalling their previous conversation with Prachi that she will lose her mangalsutra and Ranbir one day. Rhea comes out of her room and she confronts Prachi about where she hid her mangalsutra. Prachi asks her to search for it by herself. Family members surround them.

Rhea accused Prachi of stealing her mangalsutra by coming to her room the last night. Prachi says she came to her room to take her clothes. Rhea doesn’t believe and insists her to tell her where she hid her Mangalsutra. Prachi tells her she doesnt know. Rhea gets angry and tries to snatch Prachi mangalsutra. Prachi stops her and warns Rhea to stay away from her Mangalsutra. She says it’s just a decorative piece for you but for me it’s everything. Ranbir looks on.

Prachi warns Rhea to break her hand if she ever touches it and tells her that she didn’t give the right to remove it to the person who tied to her then who is she to touch it and I never remove it as you remove it according to your fashion sense and you can never know the importance of mangalsutra that’s why you lose it. Prachi says it’s my responsibility and it’s my right to be Ranbir’s wife. Ranbir smiles.

Episode ends.

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