Kumkum Bhagya 12th September 2023 Written Update: Pallavi breaks off Ranbir and Mihika’s marriage


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The episode starts with Daljeet asking Ranbir to take a rest. Ranbir thanks Daljeet for bringing him here and says to Daljeet that he is feeling comfortable coming to his room. Pallavi says to Ranbir that she isn’t happy with the way he came home. Vikram feels elated with Ranbir returning home. Ranbir says to Vikram that he needs his help. Vikram asks Ranbir what is that? Pallavi asks Vikram if he knows how Ranbir came here? Vikram asks Pallavi what happened and asks Pallavi why is she angry? Daljeet comments on Pallavi. Ranbir gets a call from Manpreet. Pallavi attends Ranbir’s phone and gives the phone to Ranbir asking him to talk to her. Ranbir explains to Manpreet that he and Mihika had never loved each other. Manpreet asks Ranbir to allow her to speak and says Mihika committed suicide. Ranbir hearing this decides to go to the hospital. The Kohli family leaves for the hospital.

Prachi asks Visakha to have some juice. Visakha apologises to Prachi as Prachi is suffering a lot because of Akshay’s behaviour. Mihika regains consciousness and says she needs to go to Ranbir. The doctor asks Mihika to first take a rest.

Manpreet comes and says to the Tandon family that she called Ranbir here. Ashok says to Manpreet that she should have told them before doing this. Manpreet says Mihika will only want to see Ranbir no one else.

The doctor comes and says Mihika has regained consciousness and is asking for Ranbir. The doctor says they need to call him. Akshay and Abhay come and say to Manpreet that he filed a complaint to the police and they will come here and take care of formality. Akshay sees that everyone is angry with him.

Akshay asks Visakha why is she angry with him? Visakha lashes out at Akshay and blames Akshay for Mihika committing suicide. Akshay argues with Vishakha saying Ranbir isn’t right for Mihika. Akshay says Ranbir only loves Prachi and not Mihika. Akshay says he will not allow Ranbir to enter their house. Visakha tries to explain to Akshay that what he is doing is wrong but Akshay doesn’t listen to her and argues with Visakha saying what he did is right. Visakha asks Akshay what did he do? Akshay says he is sending Ranbir to jail.

Divya comes to the hospital and worries about Mihika. Ashok comforts Divya saying Mihika is completely out of danger. Ranbir’s family comes to the hospital and asks Ashok how is Mihika. Ashok says Mihika is fine.

Abhay says to Divya that a big trouble is coming. Divya asks Abhay What did Akshay do? Abhay sees the police coming to the hospital. The police go to Mihika to take her statement. The doctor says to the inspector that Mihika is not in a position to give her statement as she is unconscious. The doctor asks the inspector to come after 2 hours to take Mihika’s statement. The inspector agrees.

The inspector comes to the Tandon family and Kohli family and asks them who is Ranbir? Ranbir says to the inspector he is Ranbir. The Kohli family introduces themselves to the inspector.

The inspector says to Ranbir that he needs to come with them to the police station as it is considered a crime to provoke someone to commit suicide. Tandon’s family says to the inspector that he is mistaken. Akshay starts talking with Ranbir in front of the police. Akshay reveals half-truths and portrays in front of the cops as Ranbir is responsible for Mihika committing suicide. Akshay’s family tries to stop Akshay but Akshay doesn’t listen to them. The police take Ranbir into custody and take him away from there. Pallavi seeing Ranbir taken away by the cops comes to the Tandon family and says to them that she is breaking off this marriage. Pallavi goes after Ranbir and the cops. Akshay stops Manpreet from going after the Kohli family.

The police put Ranbir in a cell. The Kohli family tries to explain to the inspector that Ranbir is innocent but the inspector doesn’t listen to them and advises them to hire a good lawyer saying he will not allow Ranbir to get out of jail that easily.

Episode ends.