Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist


Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serialgossip.in

Sarita Behen Asking Why Don’t You Play Holi Since Many Years. Pragya Says She Just Don’t Celebrate Holi. Sarita Behen Asks Didn’t You Need To Play As You Want To Play With Your Husband. Abhi And Vikram Come There. Vikram Asks Why You Don’t Want To Play Holi. Abhi Says He Only Wants To Celebrate Holi With His Wife.

Abhi Sees A Guy Standing Holding The Holi Color And Coughing. Abhi Attempts to Assist Him And Takes The Plate. He Sees Someone Going to Throw Color On Him And Turns To Save Him, And The Shade Out Of Your Plate Falls On Pragya. He cried To Her, But Doesn’t See Her Face. Pragya Keeps Hand On Her Face. Someone Throws Yellow Color On Him. He Comes Near Her And Is About To See Her, But Vikram Comes And Takes Abhi Out Of There.

Sarita Behen Asks Did You Meet Your Husband? Pragya Goes From There And Smiles Thinking About Abhi. Maya Comes To Prachi And Asks Why She’s Behind Ranbir, Knowing He’s Marrying Her. Prachi Says We Talk About This Marriage Is Happening. Only Then Maya Gets A Phone. Ranbir Is On Phone And Asks Her To Come To Dad’s Room.

Maya Tells Prachi That Ranbir Is Calling Her Bedroom And Is Desperate About Her. She Subsequently Tells Pragya That Should I See You Close Him Then…Ranbir Calls Her Again. Maya Asks Him To Come And Take Her As She Don’t Know Where’s The Room? Pallavi Asks Prachi Are You Talking To Her. Prachi Says She Was Hoping To Bring Out The TruthAbout

Meera Is With Aaliya And Comes To Sarita Behen And Wishes Her Happy Holi. Sarita Behen Tells That Prachi’s Mum Is Enjoying Holi As Someone Threw Color On Her. Pragya Comes There And Gives Water Into Sarita Behen. Meera Asks Who’s Colored You? Pragya Says Someone Threw It. Aaliya Is Going to Watch Pragya, But Some Guest Stops Her. Pragya Goes With Sarita Behen To Wash Her Face.

Prachi Tells Beeji And Pallavi That Maya’s Family Isn’t An Ordinary. Only Then Something Goes In Her Eyes, Ranbir Comes And Takes Her To Wash Her Eyes. Beeji Smiles Looking At Them And Tells Pallavi That Ranbir Has Changed Up And Have Become Gentlemen.

Sarita Behen Requires Pragya To The Washroom. Abhi And Vikram Come There And Greet Sarita Behen. Pragya Hears Abhi And Thinks She’s Missing Him And That Is Why Hearing Him. Sarita Behen Asks What They’re Doing Here? Abhi And Vikram Say That This Is Our Property.

Abhi Can Sarita Behen’s Tilak. She Additionally Does Their Tilaks. She Tells That Prachi’s Mum Is Inside And Went To Clean The Shade From Her Face. She Asks Them To Satisfy Her. Ranbir Requires Prachi To Another Washroom.

Prachi Washes Her Face. Ranbir Wipes Color From Her Eyes. He Looks At Her And Blows On Her Eyes. Tujhme Khoya Rahun Main…Plays…. .Prachi Opens Her Eyes And Appears At Him. She Signs That She’s Fine. Ranbir Stops Her And Moves Her Hairs From Her Shoulder. He Takes Out Flowers From Her Hairs. Aaliya Is Going Out There And Appears At Them Angrily. She Goes. They Hear The Door Sound And Turn To Come Out. Prachi Falls And He Holds Her.

Prachi Goes Out. Pallavi Asks Prachi If Color Came Out. Prachi Says Yes. Pallavi Asks What’s Her Strategy to Prevent The Marriage. Prachi Says We Can Make Maya Drink. Ranbir Says So That She Tells Her Strategy. Pallavi Likes The Thought And Goes To Inform Beeji.

Abhi, Vikram And Sarita Behen Sit On The Bed To Perform Chudi Udi, Cow Udi Etc.. They View Mr. Chaubey And Leave From There. Pragya Comes There. Sarita Behen Says They Want To Speak To Chaubey Ask Him To Ignore His Thought Of Marriage Of Maya And Ranbir. Pragya Appears At The Guitar And Gets Emotional.

Ranbir Tells Beeji And Prachi That It’s Wrong To Produce Maya Drunk. Pallavi claims Chaubey Threatened To Receive Your Dad’s Company Closed. They Hit Ranbir And Try To Convince Him. Ranbir Says If I Mix Something Inside Her Drink Then What Will Be Difference Between Us. Beeji Says If You Want Us For Jailed. She Says She Will Make Her Drink. Prachi Says Let Ranbir Make Her Drink As He Acts To Be Her Friend.

Beeji Comes To Maya And Gives Her beverage. Maya Says It’s Bhang. Beeji Says If Anyone Request Then Tell That I Made You Drink. Maya Takes The Glass. Only Then Her Cousin Comes And Takes The Glass. Ranbir Says I Must Deal with This Circumstance. He Goes There And Coughs. Maya’s Sister Gives Him Drink. He Drinks It. Prachi And Pallavi Get Tensed.