Kumkum Bhagya 13th March 2022 Written Update: Ranbir finishes his challenge by applying color to Prachi


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The episode starts with Sahana comes to room to wish Prachi for holi. She notices Prachi is in pain. Prachi asks her to call Doctor telling her that it is paining badly. Sahana tells she doesn’t have the doctor’s number. Prachi tells she will call and asks her to give water. Sahana gives her water. Prachi feels relaxed. Vikram and Pallavi come to Dida and wishes her happy holi. They apply color to each other. Dida also wishes them. Dida asks from where they are coming from? Pallavi says from the event site. Vikram says their event will be on headlines. Ranbir comes and wishes them happy holi and tells Vikram that some guests are staying in Oberoi Wharton. Vikram asks if Rishi Oberoi coming here. Ranbir calls him.

Malishka comes to apply color to Dadi. Dadi denies and asks her to apply tilak. Malishka hugs Rishi and wishes him happy holi. Rishi asks Dadi to get ready for Holi. She feels him age doesn’t want to play asks Rishi to apply small tika. Rishi and others applies tika to Dadi. Ayush teases her. Dadi runs behind him. Karishma comes there. Dadi applies colour to her. Karishma tells she was not ready for that. Dadi tells she will take his revenge on Malishka. Rishi asks Dadi to get ready. Malishka asks where is he going leaving her on holi. Rishi tells he is attending Holi function of Kohli’s. Kiran asks her to accompany him. Rishi attends Ranbir call and tells him that he is coming with Ayush. Ranbir informs Vikram that Rishi is coming. Vikram asks if senior Oberoi is coming. Ranbir says I didn’t ask and he thinks where he Prachi.

Prachi calls Doctor and tells her that she is feeling pain. Doctor asks her to avoid stress and she Doctor advises her to celebrate holi with organic colors. Dida comes there. Prachi tells she can’t play holi. Dida takes them to event. Jai announce the performance of Shoaib. Rhea wishes Pallavi and tells her that she wants to play holi with Ranbir first and wants to apply him and want him to apply me. Prachi tells Dida that she will check arrangements and she feels worried for her baby and thinks of Rhea and Ranbir’s intimacy and thinks to not reveal her pregnancy news to Ranbir as he doesn’t deserve it.  Ranbir comes there and wishes her happy holi. Prachi asks him to be happy with whoever he wants and leaves. Ranbir thinks to convince her. Dida asks Sahana why Prachi is looking scared of playing holi. Shahana says there is nothing. Dida tells she will find out. Satan’s spoils all colours. Pallavi scolds her. Rhea punishes her to get the colours. Sahana accepts it happily and leaves.

Rishi, Malishka and Ayush are in the car. Rishi wauts for Lakshmi message then he sees her and stops the car. Ayush stops Malishka. Rishi talks with Lakshmi. Malishka goes to Lakshmi and Rishi. Lakshmi wishes her happy holi. Malishka asks them not to be romantic and kisses on Rishi’s cheeks. Lakshmi closes her eyes. Malishka and Rishi come back to car. Rishi asks why she did it.  Malishka scolds him for lying to her to meet Lakshmi. Jai announces performance by Karan wahi and Ada Khan. Ranbir comes to Prachi and asks if she remembers their last holi and tells her that she will apply color to her first. Prachi tells he don’t have any rights and asks him to talk to Rhea. Ranbir says I love you then why to talk to others? My holi is with you. Aliya overhears their conversation. Karan and Preeta perform next. Balwinder talks to his friend and tells that he don’t want to talk to him and give keys to him. Sahana informs Prachi on call that she brought organic colours for her. Prachi thanks her. Bablu teases her. Prachi slaps him and makes him apologise to her. Sahana asks her to come with her. Rishi comes to Ranbir’s event with Ayush and Malishka. Malishka introduces herself as Rishi fiancee. Rhea orauses her look and intriduces herself as Ranbir’s wife. Ayush asks who is she? Showing at Prachi. Rhea says she is not important. Shahana reaches home with Lakshmi. Bablu notices her.

Rishi asks for colours Aliya says it is on the way. Rhea introduces Ayush and Rishi to Aliya. Malishka introduces herself as Rishis would be wife. Aaliya congrats them. Ranbir takes Rishi aside and asjs himnot to marry Malishka and tells her to marry one he loves. Ayush hugs Ranbir and tells he wants same. Sahana introduces Lakshmi to Prachi and tells how Lakshmi saved her. Prachi thanks her and she asks Lakshmi to join them for celebrations.

Ranbir tells Rishi that he don’t love Malishka. Rishi says he loves Malishka and will marry her and leaves. Ayush tells he won’t listen. Bablu informs Balwinder about the incident. Balwinder and Bablu goes to kidnap her. Malishka goes to Rishi and applies him color and she runs from him. Rishi takes the plate in his hand, Lakshmi dashes with him and colour falls on them both. Ranbir and Ayush sees them. They wish happy holi. Rishi apologies to her for Malishka behaviour. Lakshmi says Malishka might be searching you and tells she will leave. Rishi says anyone can apply color to anyone and applies on her cheeks and rushes her happy holi. Lakshmi imagines dancing with Rishi. Rishi pours colour on Lakshmi instead of Lakshmi. Malishka feels angry. Ayush and Lakshmi applies tilak to each other. Then they applies colours. Rishi comes from behind and applied color to Lakshmi cheeks.

Balwinder comes to event with Bablu playing dhol. Malishka gets upset seeing Ranbir is going towards Lakshmi and shevtshss Rishi with him. Rhea comes to Ranbir with colour plate. Ranbir takes colors from Rhea’s plate and applies to Prachi and makes her apply him. Pracgi imagines her dance with him. Rhea leaves from there throwing plate. Balwinder eyes Lakshmi and walks towards her. Lakshmi goes. Aliya goes behind Rhea and asks why did she leave. Rhea says I made it look like that we consummated but he just cares for Prachi and vents her frustration. Aliya asks her to calm down. Pallavi and Vikram fights over Rhea and Prachi matter.

Episode ends.