Kumkum Bhagya 13th November 2019 Upcoming Story: Ranbir Makes Everyone Apologize To Prachi


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The Episode begins with Purab telling Pragya that nothing else had occurred between Aaliya along with him. He says anything Disha had observed hadn’t occurred. Aaliya and that I had been in the toilet, but nothing had occurred. He asks if he thinks of him. Pragya informs that when she believes him then it means she’s believing Disha incorrect. Purab informs that Disha left and misunderstood him. She did not even information about her place I would have gone and cleared her mistake. He informs that Disha hates him and lied to him Hritik is her own boyfriend. He states Veronica is Hrithik’s girlfriend. Pragya informs him that Disha does not wish to come on your life and you wish to acquire inside her own life. This isn’t right. Abhi calls Authorities and informs about the server. Rhea prays to God to assist him and believes she won’t do so again. She yells. Abhi asks her not to shout and says he’s gone. Aaliya believes Rhea has done something dumb and that is why she’s crying. Dimpy believes do not inform anything Rhea. Abhi asks Rhea to not shout. Aaliya states Rhea is sense guilty to mention awful things to Prachi. Abhi says you’re feeling guilty and that is good. Ranbir comes and informs the server escaped. Abhi Arrives at Prachi. Prachi thanks him to the hope that he showed inside her. Abhi asks her to not thank him. Ranbir says all of us have said terrible stuff about Prachi that we should not have, most of us recognize that somebody got something mixed inside her drink and asks every person to apologize to Prachi, whoever had said awful things. Prachi says it’s okay. Ranbir states it isn’t ok.

Aaliya inquires Ranbir what’s incorrect? Ranbir says all of us understand how exactly is Prachi and also said awful stuff about her. He says you’d talked awful things about her upbringing, family and personality. Aaliya inquires if he’s angry to request their guest. Abhi inquires Prachi if that happened? Prachi nods her mind. Abhi asks individuals who had said awful things to Prachi, will apologize. Dimpy, Shaina and Priyanka confer with her. Aaliya says I responded seeing what I watched, also informs that she did not indicate that, goes and apologizes. Abhi apologizes to Prachi. Prachi states I do not care for myself, but can not make my mommy mind down. Abhi pacifies her says that I shall drop your house. Rhea asks Abhi to not go. Abhi frees her also and inquires Ranbir to fall Prachi and Shahana for their residence. He requests Sanju to proceed.

Two men visit Sanju and state whatever occurred? Sanju claims to misunderstand. The man says that is exactly what I believed, what Prachi watched in you. Her level differs as well as upward. Sanju says he’s having a high degree than she and she enjoys him. Ranbir finds him and inquires what exactly did you say? He states Prachi can not enjoy you. Prachi and Shahana have come out. Sanju informs that Prachi understands him because of hoshiarpur. Prachi says that he came to apologize. Shahana informs that he’d suggested Prachi and got blasted with her. Sanju states Prachi slapped him her mother said. Does she ask if is he coming? Sanju states tomorrow. Ranbir says it’s great and requests him to come back. He requests Aryan to reserve his new tickets and make certain that he leaves. Sanju believes he must go today but will go back for Prachi back again.

Purab informs Pragya that Disha would like to keep away from me since she wants time. Pragya says that she does not require time, but hope. She states she left out of your house because she dropped hope. Purab inquires if hope is all about and when there’s absolutely not any love. He says that she must have trusted me. Pragya informs your life is complex as you wed Aaliya and asks him to form out first. She says when Disha profits hope back then she’ll go back to you.

Abhi bandages Rhea’s harm. Rhea believes sometimes she believes that Dad loves her but occasionally she believes that daddy loves Prachi, however, if she cried, Dad let this server go and there wasn’t any significance of Prachi along with my shout. Abhi asks Rhea to confirm Prachi when she’s in trouble. Rhea says she responded seeing the movie. Abhi says what is going to be the gap between the folks and you, you’re different. He states it was great that Meera messaged me and that is the reason why I flew and arrived here. He requests Priyanka to look after her and moves. Abhi finds him standing out and becoming angry.

Shahana inquires Ranbir what’s he speaking to Sanju? Ranbir says boys speak. He quits his car in their property. Prachi and Shahana reunite. He states bye Shahana. He appears at Prachi because she’s going within the home.

Sarita behen sees with Prachi and Shahana and inquires where’s Pragya? She asks what happened to her. Shahana says that she got exhausted. Sarita behen requests them to change their garments and requires Madhu to deliver water. Rishi proceeds to attract water. Prachi says that I will return. Ranbir gets down in the automobile. Prachi comes out and states. Ranbir says that I fell you so I’ll be here. Prachi asks did not you move home? He states he had been moving. Prachi claims sorry. He asks her to let him talk. Prachi says I want to talk. She thanks him and says that I need to inquire why you assisted me although you do not like me. Ranbir states I do not understand, I can not watch your tears and that is why assisted you. She says great night. Ranbir comes close to his vehicle. She waves bye. He also leaves.