Kumkum Bhagya 13th November 2023 Written Update: Krishna misunderstands Prachi


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The episode starts with Jasveer getting to know from the organiser that catering work is done by Kumkum Bhagya Catering. Jasveer recalls how Purvi slapped him last time when he misbehaved with her. Jasveer says to the Pandit that in this area all the things happen only with Jasveer’s permission and asks the Pandit to tell the sponsor about it. Jasveer leaves from there with the torch.

The pandit asks the organiser to go and call Rajvansh. The organiser agrees and leaves from there.

The chef says to Purvi that he needs some help. Purvi agrees to help the chef. The organiser announces to all the people that Pooja will start in a minute.

The organiser invites Rajvansh to start the Pooja and says he needs to light the Diya. Rajvansh’s cousin sees Riya and says this is the girl who used him as a labour. Prachi apologises to Rajvansh and his cousin. Visakha later reminds Rajvansh about him ousting her from his office. Rajvansh recalls about her. The organiser invites Rajvansh saying they are getting late. Rajvansh agrees and leaves from there.

Purvi goes to get nitrous oxide from the godown. Jasveer goes after Purvi. Jasveer turns off the lights in the Godown. Jasveer lights the fire torch and comes to Poorvi. Jasveer says to Poorvi how much he has fallen in love with her. Jasveer says to Poorvi that from when she hit him he only thinks about her. Jasveer says to Purvi that she needs to go onto the stage and announce to everyone that she is breaking off this engagement. Jasveer also asks Purvi to marry him after breaking off her engagement.
Rajvansh learns that Krishna is coming to Mumbai. Rajvansh worries about the deal.

It is shown Krishna is coming to Mumbai in a flight. Krishna heard one of the flight attendants name is Prachi. Krishna hearing this recalls about his past.

It is shown Ranbir comes home and sees that everyone is sad and thinks they are sad for him. Ranbir sees that an old woman consoling Prachi as she lost Akshay her husband. Ranbir thinks Prachi is sad that Akshay is dead and is not thinking about him. Ranbir recalls Mihika’s words saying Prachi is very sad with Akshay’s death. Ranbir leaves from there without anyone’s notice. Krishna thinks he can’t face Prachi as she betrayed him. Krishna thinks he will not meet Prachi as she is in Delhi with Tandon family.

The Pandit carries a tray of Sindhur. Kumkum gets blown over to Prachi due to the fan wind. Visakha asks Pandit to turn off the fan. The pandit says to Prachi that God blessed her husband.

Purvi asks Jasveer to leave her if not she will shout for help. Jasveer asks Purvi to do it. Purvi shouts for help but nobody hears her voice. Jasveer says her voice will not get out of this godown. Jasveer misbehaves with Purvi.

The main organiser tells the speciality of Aarti to Rajvansh. Rajvansh asks the main organiser to give the torch so that he can give Aarti. The organiser says Jasveer has the torch. The main organiser gets upset hearing this.

Episode ends.