KumKum Bhagya 13th September 2022 Written Update: Sid learns Mihika is escaped from Rhea and Alia


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The episode starts with Alia men hiding seeing Pallavi and Prachi coming into the room. Prachi asks Pallavi if she calls her for any work. Pallavi asks her to sit silently. She calls Ranbir and asks him to bring Sid and Pandit Ji there. Prachi looks on. Pallavi says to Prachi you will know everything soon. Rahul takes Mihika to Jay. He asks Mihika to explain the risk. Mihika says this chemical smell is strong and don’t do it as someone might lose their life. Rahul makes her unconscious using chloroform. Sid comes there to drink water. Rahul and his members hide under the table with Mihika. Sid leaves. Rahul’s friends take Mihika to hide her.

Vikram sees Police in their house. He thinks they may come for Bappa darshan. He invites Inspector to see their Bappa. Inspector takes Bappa’s blessings. Alia sees Police and gets tensed. She thinks to escape from home before Police reveal what she did. Inspector says Darshan is done and wishes they can find goons too who kidnapped the old lady. Alia thinks they didn’t find out about her. The inspector shows the goon’s photos and asks if he knows them. Vikram says I don’t know. He asks Alia to see those photos. Alia gets shocked seeing her men’s photos. Rhea stands shocked. Inspector asks Rhea why she is shocked as she knows them. Rhea says I don’t know anything. Vikram asks Inspector to not let their guests feel the inconvenience. Inspector agrees. Vikram takes Inspector to show him his house.

Ranbir calls Sid and Pandit. Ranbir asks Sid why he doesn’t tell them that Mihika is coming. Sid is surprised. He asks if he saw her with Rhea and Alia. Ranbir says Mihika came here with her driver and he is strange. Sid asks where he saw her. Ranbir sees Vikram and asks what he is doing with Police. Vikram tells they came to search for goons. Inspector shows them photos and asks if they knows them. Sid thinks Mihika might escaped from them. Ranbir says I will inform police once I find them. Rahul asks his team if everything is ready. Jay signs everything is fine. They get shocked to see Vikram with the police. Vikram asks them what are they doing. Rahul says they lost their way. Vikram tells them the way and leaves. Jay says to Rahul that he can’t do it anymore as Police will fall unconscious too because of this powder then they won’t leave us. Rahul says let’s find the reason behind their arrival.

Rhea packs her bags. Alia comes there and asks why she is packing her bags. Rhea says they will kill me if they know the truth. She tries to leave. Alia stops her and says they can make Pallavi doesn’t believe Dida’s words. Ranbir takes Sid and Pandit to Pallavi’s room. Pallavi asks Pandit to see the date for engagement and Marriage seeing Prachi and Sid’s horoscope. Prachi looks shocked. The inner selves of Prachi and Ranbir talk to each other. Pallavi says Pandit chooses next Monday is good for marriage. Ranbir says hopes it brings good fir everyone. He drops the phone. Goons get worried. Prachi finds Dida unconscious behind the sofa.

Vikram takes the Police to his mother’s room. The Inspector asks Vikram where is your mother if that old lady was your mother? Vikram says his mom is busy with guests. Inspector asks him to call her. Vikram says it’s out of coverage. They go to ask Pallavi about Dida. Everyone feels worried for Dida. Rhea and Alia come there and gets shocked seeing their men behind the curtain. Alia signs her men to leave. Ranbir sprinkles water at Dida. Alia and Rhea hold a blanket and hide goons behind it. Prachi and others see them. Rhea says don’t know who did it with Dida. Prachi asks if they are hiding anything behind Blanket.

Episode ends.

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