KumKum Bhagya 14th April 2022 Written Update: Rhea spikes Vikram’s drink to release Nick


KumKum Bhagya 14th April 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Aliya asking Rhea to not worry about Sahana as she doesn’t cause any problem. Pallavi asks what is the problem with Sahana? She asks them to tell what problems they can face with Sahana. Aliya and Rhea say Sahana might be acting unconscious to shift our attention from Nick and we feel it can be Prachi’s trap to get attention. Pallavi asks why Prachi risks her life. Aliya says they are not sure and goes to the hall. Ranbir tells Vikram that he doesn’t leave Nick until he finds out for whom Nick worked. Prachi says it’s not good and asks him to call the police as Nick is a professional killer. Ranbir says the culprit is from our house so I need to know who hired him before we handovers him to the police. Vikram agrees with Ranbir and tells it’s needed to know about the person.

Ranbir and Vikram tie up an unconscious Nick to the pillar. Pallavi leaves telling she will sleep. Vikram asks Ranbir to drop Prachi in her room. He takes Prachi. She thinks how much Ranbir cares for her. Aliya tells Rhea that they can release Nick by making Vikram sleep with sleeping pills. Rhea asks Vikram to not take tension and tells him that she will get h water. Vikram tells Nick that everyone will know what’s Prachi to Ranbir once you gain consciousness.

Ranbir drops Prachi in her room. He asks can he sleep in her room. Prachi stands up in shock. He tells he asked normally and asks her to sleep and he hugs her. He asks her to not misunderstand him. Prachi tells she understands him. Ranbir leaves from there.

Rhea gives spiked water to Vikram. He drinks that water. Rhea asks him to relax telling they will keep an eye on Nick. Vikram sits on the sofa then he dozes off. Aliya goes to check. Rhea sprinkles water on Nick’s face and she loosens Nick’s roped. Ranbir catches her and questions why she is untying Nick rope. Prachi couldn’t sleep while thinking about Ranbir. Everyone comes out from their rooms. Ranbir asks if she is the one who hired Nick to kill Prachi? You have a motive too. Rhea questions how can he doubt her? And she warns him to not

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