KumKum Bhagya 14th June 2022 Written Update: Prachi requests Rhea to leave Ranbir for her baby’s future


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The episode starts with Ranbir telling Stanely that it might be his illusion as he didn’t place those papers in a room. He asks Stanely to search it. Pallavi comes there and asks if he is searching for anything. Ranbir tells her that he is searching for the envelope. Pallavi says I gave that envelope to Rhea and she placed it in your cupboard. Stanley says I told you. Ranbir goes to take an envelope from Rhea. Pallavi asks why she feels she knows him. Stanley escapes from her.

Rhea says you’re lying. Prachi says you are seeing dreams of marriage with Ranbir, who is my baby’s father, and all relations will be spoiled with this, and nobody will be happy. Rhea says there is no need for everyone’s happiness, as the time has come for my happiness and you’re playing this pregnancy card when you find that I’m winning. Prachi says I return to this house to tell Ranbir that he is becoming a father but I saw how he cheated me by marrying you that’s why I hid this news from him as a punishment but I didn’t realise that I’m separating my baby from his father.

Prachi asks Rhea to understand it as her sister. Rhea asks Prachi not to play sister’s card as she is her sautan and not sister. Prachi says our blood is same. Rhea warns her to stay away and tells her that she won’t let history get repeated. Prachi requests her to save her baby’s future as she saved her. Rhea denies it and pushes her. Rhea asks Prachi where she lost. Prachi comes out of her imagination. Rhea says you have to leave as Ranbir is going to propose to me. Prachi leaves the room.

Rhea stops Prachi and tells her that Ranbir brought a rented apartment where you guys used to stay to make you leave from here and you can enjoy there with middle class people. Prachi warns her to not talk anything about that apartment. She leaves congratulating Rhea on her impending proposal.

Prachi tries to leave seeing Ranbir. He says he went to talk to Seema about an important matter. Prachi asks if he went to buy the apartment. Ranbir agrees. She says don’t know how he can be so shameless. Ranbir takes Prachi to the room and closes the door. He asks why she is overthinking. He tells her that he wants their daughter like her. Prachi in tears thinks about her pregnancy. Ranbir wipes her tears and tells her tears won’t solve problems. He offers his shoulder for her to cry. Prachi asks him to stop.

Prachi recalls Rhea’s words and asks Ranbir if there is a ring in his pocket. Ranbir asks why she cares. Prachi asks if he brought their rented house. Ranbir agrees. She asks if he bought it for her? Ranbir thinks she is jealous. She tells her she bought their old rented apartment for Rhea. Rhea hears it from the door and feels happy. Prachi gets angry and leaves from there telling he can never understand her. Ranbir thinks o bought it to fulfill your dreams but now you won’t understand. Rhea goes to the room and takes the envelope. Vikram asks Ranbir to have a drink with him.

Ranbir says he is busy but notices his Dad is not happy. He asks what happened. Vikram says he feels he is not a good husband. Ranbir says you’re best and I’m bad as I love to make my wife feel jealous. Vikram says it’s real recognition of wives. He asks where is he going in urgency. Ranbir tells he will tell him the truth. Rhea shows the court envelope to Alia and tells her that it’s divorce papers and everyone feels Ranbir is buying an apartment for Prachi but he is buying it for me. Alia asks how she is so sure. Rhea tells she heard it from Ranbir and he wants to make new memories with me to replace his past memories.

Episode ends.

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