Kumkum Bhagya 14th November 2023 Written Update: Jasveer gets thrown out of the event

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The episode starts with the organiser saying to everyone that Jasveer took the fire torch saying he will do the inauguration. Rajvansh asks the organisers what is going on and reminds them he is sponsor for this event. Rajvansh gets to know from the security guard that Jasveer went towards the Godown.

Purvi steals the fire torch from Jasveer and asks him to stay away from her. Jasveer still flirts with Purvi. Purvi hits Jasveer with the fire torch. Jasveer gets injured on his head. Jasveer sends his security guard away asking him to make sure no one comes here. Jasveer later takes the fire torch from Purvi and misbehaves with her.

The security guard stops Rajvansh and says Jasveer is busy and asks them to come again. Rajvansh hears Purvi’s shouts for help. Rajvansh pushes the security guard away and bangs on the Godown door. Jasveer’s bodyguard tries to stop Rajvansh but Rajvansh knocks him out.

Jasveer hears the banging on the door and he goes to check it out. Rajvansh makes Jasveer slip and asks him where is the fire torch? Jasveer says it’s with Purvi.

Rajvansh comes to Purvi and asks Purvi to give him the fire torch. Purvi says she will not give him. Rajvansh gives his word to Purvi that Jasveer will be out of her sight within 2 min and asks Purvi to give the fire torch. Purvi agrees and gives the fire torch to Rajvansh. Rajavansh asks Purvi if she felt anything. Purvi says there is nothing. Rajvansh takes the fire torch and comes to Jasveer. Rajvansh comes to Jasveer and comments on him. Jasveer says to Rajvansh that he is going to regret it. Rajvansh asks his men to throw Jasveer out of this event. Rajvansh’s men throw Jasveer out of the event. Jasveer feels humiliated and decides to take revenge on Rajvansh for this humiliation.

Rajvansh brings the fire torch and starts the Pooja. Prachi learns that Jasveer himself is here and worries about Purvi. Prachi sees Purvi and asks Purvi if she is fine. Purvi decides to hide the truth as Prachi will be worried.

Everyone gives Aarti to Goddess. Rajvansh sees Purvi is having trouble giving Aarti so he helps her. Riya also gives Aarti to Goddess along with Rajvansh’s cousin.

Prachi feels something but she doesn’t know what it is. Krishna sees a woman from the back and thinks it’s Prachi. Krishna later realises he was mistaken. Krishna thinks he just needs to focus on his contract and nothing more than that.

Khushi talks with a teacher and asks the teacher to buy better quality costumes for the children. The children agrees. Someone is shown to spying on Khushi.

Jasveer takes a sword and tries to go but Jasveer’s bodyguards stops Jasveer and try to stop him from arguing with Rajvansh.

Episode ends.

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