Kumkum Bhagya 15th November 2023 Written Update: The event goes up in flames


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The episode starts with Jasveer’s bodyguards stopping Jasveer and explaining to Jasveer that Rajvansh became a hero by organising such a good event. Jasveer hearing this decides to sabotage the event.

Jasveer says to his bodyguards that they are going to cut Raavan’s legs and when the Raavan is going to catch fire it’s going to fall on the ground and the whole event is going to go up in flames.

Rajvansh says to the organisers that he has to go? The organisers request Rajvansh to stay for a while and says he can see the Ram Leela and Raavan Dahan.

Rajvansh sees that a performer is throwing a knife wearing a blindfold. Rajvansh and Purvi see that a kid is going towards the target that the knife performer is throwing. Purvi saves the kid. Rajvansh gets impressed with Purvi’s actions and decides to stay and see the Raavan Dahan.

Jasveer tells his bodyguards to cut Raavan’s legs and leave some of it so that it will fall when the time is right.

Everyone is shown to be seeing drama of Ramayan. Jasveer stops his bodyguards from cutting the Raaavan’s legs and says it’s enough and says they will make an entry when everything is in chaos.

The organisers ask Rajvansh to wait for a while and says after a while Raavan Dahan is going to happen. Rajavansh agrees.

The main organiser gets call from the actor they hired to do the Raavan Ka Dahan. The actor says he can’t come there as he is stuck in the traffic. The organiser hearing this requests Rajavansh to do Raavan Ka Dahan. Rajvansh agrees.

The Pandit announces that Rajvansh is going to do Raavan Ka Dahan. Rajvansh takes the bow and pulls back the arrow and lights the arrow.

Rajvansh targets Raavan and releases the arrow. The Raavan catches fire. The organiser thanks Rajvansh for helping him. The Raavan’s puppet falls on the ground.

Jasveer seeing this says it’s time to become a hero. Everyone is shown to be running away from the fire. Prachi shouts for Purvi.

Krishna thinks he saw Prachi. Khushi sees Purvi and she goes to help her. Rajvansh’s security take Rajvansh away from the fire. Krishna gets down from the car and sees fire crackers going off in the air.

Prachi’s family tries to get out of the fire. Ashutosh thinks how did the fire spread like this. The Pandit says this is the work of an evil ghost and says something like this never happened before. Jasveer comes to the event.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Ashutosh goes to save his scooty from the fire. Riya comments on Ashutosh to Purvi. Purvi goes to save the kids. Riya asks Rajvansh to go and says Purvi also went to save the kids. Rajvansh asks Riya if she also has a jeep. Riya says she went by foot. Rajvansh says then she is not saving the kids instead she is only getting herself into trouble.