KumKum Bhagya 16th June 2022 Written Update: Ranbir plans to drug Rhea with Stanley’s help


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The episode starts with Rhea thinking Ranbir may be told Prachi everything that’s why she started packing. Shahana takes Rhea from there. Stanely sees Prachi and Ranbir fighting with each other with love. Ranbir takes Prachi’s bag and tells her that he won’t let her leave. Prachi asks him to tell her why he wants her to stop. Stanley thinks he is going to witness life confession. Rhea hurts Shahana to make her leave her hand. Shahana asks why she is spying on Prachi room. Rhea says I’m eyeing Prachi’s actions as I don’t trust her but I trust my husband and you will get shocked seeing Ranbir’s confession to me after 12.

Prachi says she has reason to leave. Ranbir asks what’s it. Prachi says you know that rented house is a dream house for me but you’re gifting it to Rhea and tried to propose to her like me. Ranbir says you’re jealous. Prachi says she is not jealous. She tells him that she will leave. Ranbir asks her to wait for some hours and tells her that he will set everything. Prachi asks him to stop giving her fake promises. Ranbir denies to give her bag. Prachi goes to get another had. Stanely meets Ranbir and tells Rhea won’t sign the divorce papers. Ranbir says he has another plan.

Vikram and Dida discuss their hangover feeling. Pallavi confronts Dida if she remembers what she did. Dida recalls everything but says she didn’t remember anything. Pallavi says you behaved badly with Rhea and called me a bad mother in law. Dida says she didn’t remember. Pallavi says but I remember everything and you insulted me infront of my daughter in law. Vikram says it may happen in her drunken state. Pallavi leaves saying she will handle them later.

Ranbir takes a pill and tells Stanley that he will drug Rhea this time. He asks Stanely to make Rhea drink the pill if he gets failed. Stanley agrees. They search for Rhea. Prachi sees Dida. Dida hugs her in tears and says she can understand her pain. Prachi says everything gets settled so don’t cry. Dida coughs. Prachi sends Shahana to get water. Prachi takes juice from Ranbir. Ranbir takes it from her saying it’s for Rhea.  Prachi gets hurt. Ranbir gives it to Rhea. Rhea tells him she will drink it later. She places it on the table and takes him with her. Ranbir signs Stanley. Pallavi feels happy seeing Rhea and Ranbir. Dida tells Prachi that she can stay in her room. Prachi denies.

Stanely goes to a room and comes out as a waiter. Shahana suspects him and follows him. Rhea dances with Ranbir. Prachi feels hurt and tries to leave. Dida asks where is she leaving. Prachi says she can’t see it. Ranbir dances with Prachi leaving Rhea. Everyone claps for their performance. Next Ranbir dances with everyone. Rhea says it’s amazing. Ranbir takes her to drink some juice. He takes Juice from Stanley and asks her to drink. Rhea sees Prachi and asks him to give it to her with love. Ranbir does it. Prachi looks on.

Episode ends.

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