Kumkum Bhagya 16th March 2022 Written Update: Lakshmi saves Prachi from Balwinder’s attack


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The episode starts with Prachi turning back. Lakshmi makes Balwinder fall by throwing pichkaari at his feet before he applies color on Prachi. Bablu and Bunty take Balwinder with them. Lakshmi asks if he applies any color to her. Prachi says no and they see the grass is burnt because of the chemical color. Lakshmi tells her she will see the face of the attacker and runs behind them. Guddu strucked inside. Bubblu advises Balwinder to kidnap Lakshmi when she came towards him. Balwinder agrees and calls Bunty to bring a car. Lakshmi calls Security seeing them. Aliya changes Lakshmi’s attention then Rhea takes Balwinder and her friend inside the house. She scolds Balwinder for spoiling her plan. Balwinder tells them their plan is wrong. Rhea asks can they get more color. Aliya asks her to not talk like stupid Balwinder. Balwinder gets angry and tells her that she doesn’t saw his real face. Bablu asks him to leave her and they are about to leave but Aliya throws a vase at him. Balwinder puts a knife at Aliya’s neck.

Sahana notices Prachi is worried and asks her what happened. Prachi tells her how someone tried to attack her and how Lakshmi saved her. Lakshmi comes there and tells she missed catching him and didn’t even see his face. Sahana says it’s the work of Rhea and Aliya and she runs to teach lesson to them. Prachi stops her. Lakshmi bumps into Malishka. Malishka warns her to careful and leaves. Sahana asks Lakshmi if she is wrong. Lakshmi says your way of handling is wrong and you can’t blame anyone without proof and she asks Prachi to take a rest. Malishka feels jealous seeing Lakshmi is mingling with everyone. Sahana asks Prachi if she told her pregnancy truth to Lakshmi. Prachi agrees. Sahana tells she did good. Kiran calls Malishka and asks if she patched up with Rishi. Malishka tells her not yet and tells how Lakshmi is feeling with everyone. Kiran advises her to concentrate on Rishi leaving Lakshmi. Malishka agrees.

Sahana tells them she has to search inside the house as I feel it’s the work of Rhea. Prachi asks her to stop. Sahana tells Lakshmi how Rhea is hurting Prachi. Lakshmi feels bad for her and hugs Prachi then she tells her that her sisters are good and feels bad telling she lost her parents. Prachi hugs her. Sahana also hugs them. Rishi notices Lakshmi is in tears and he wipes her tear. Lakshmi looks at him. Rishi asks them about Ranbir’s room. Sahana tells him the way. He leaves. Sahana asks why she is allowing Rishi to ruin his life? He loves you. Prachi says it’s visible in his eyes. Prachi says it’s just visible but he has Malishka in his heart. Lakshmi asks Sahana what she do with Rhea if they take law and order for 24 hours. Sahana says I can’t harm Rhea as it hurts Prachi but I can kill Aliya. They smile.

Bablu tells them Balwinder won’t leave until they apologises to him. Rhea and Aliya apologises to him. Balwinder leaves Aliya and asks who will help him to search Lakshmi. Malishka comes there and tells him that she will help him. Balwinder asks why she wants to help him. Malishka says I didn’t ask you what’s your reason so don’t ask me as I want her out from here so I can spend time with Rishi. Balwinder says it’s a matter of love and even I love Lakshmi. Malishka tells him Lakshmi is in Prachi’s room and I will make her come out. Rhea asks why can’t he confess to Lakshmi that you love her. Balwinder says kidnapping is the only way. Prachi sees Ranbir in her room and asks him to leave. Ranbir asks Lakshmi to talk with Prachi for him. Prachi asks him to not involve Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks Prachi to talk with Ranbir once as it’s needed to sort out differences. She leaves. Malishka thinks Lakshmi’s fate is bad today. Sahana also leaves from room asking them to talk. Ranbir tells her to talk when her heart wants it and questions her why she changed overnight when she is alright till the anniversary. Prachi says you changed because of one night and in the same way. Ranbir asks if she started hater him. Prachi is about to say something but he leaves stopping her.

Malishka informs Balwinder that Lakshmi comes out of the room and asks him to kidnap her when he saw her. Lakshmi prays to god to clear Prachi’s problems. Prachi prays to God to grant the wishes of Lakshmi. Malishka sees Rishi. Both Apologises to eachother at the same time. Rishi tells it’s not her mistake. Malishka hugs him. He hugs back her. Lakshmi notices them and leaves from there then he breaks the hug. Rishi runs from there in tears and thinks why she is feeling so much pain even after knowing Rishi does not belong to her. Balwinder gives her tissues. Lakshmi takes them without seeing his face. He comes closer to her then Lakshmi runs out. Malishka asks how he is behaving in this way. Rishi asks her to stay within limits. Malishka says we can kiss as we are getting married. Rishi says we are not yet married. Malishka asks him to not talk in that way. Rishi leaves telling it’s better if he stays far from her.

Rhea sees Ranbir talking on call and she confronts him about how he make her cry by playing Holi with Prachi. Ranbir says it’s Holi and if you have problem with me playing Holi then stay at home. Rhea tells she wants him to play with her first. Ranbir leaves telling they can talk when she is calm. Rhea thinks he has to bear her hate if he doesn’t love her. Balwinder catches Lakshmi and tells her that he is Balwinder and tells her to not believe Rishi as he just makes you cry. Lakshmi slaps him to not talk anything against Ranbir. He catches her again. Prachi stops him by pouring water at him. Prachi and Sahana ask if she is fine. Balwinder asks Lakshmi to marry him. Lakshmi tells him she has married to Rishi. Balwinder tries to remove her mangalsutra then she slaps him. He tries to take her. Prachi sends Sahana to bring Rishi and Ranbir. Prachi hits him. Sahana takes Rishi. Ranbir sees them and follows them. Balwinder takes Lakshmi at knife point. Rishi asks him to leave Lakshmi. Balwinder says she is mine and you have Malishka. He asks Bablu to bring the vehicle. Ranbir beats Balwinder and saves Lakshmi. Rishi also beats him. Rhea and Aliya and Malishka come there. Lakshmi tells Prachi that someone sent Balwinder to pour chemical color on her. Malishka calls the police and age asks Rishi to leave him. Rishi warns Balwinder to kill him if he eyes Lakshmi. Balwinder tells Malishka that he will expose her. Malishka acts like warning him them she asks him to escape telling she didn’t call the police. Balwinder escapes taking Malishka at knife point.

Episode ends.

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