KumKum Bhagya 16th November 2023 Written Update: Rajvansh rescues Purvi


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The episode starts with Ashutosh and Ashok searching for Purvi. They find Prachi and Purvi. Prachi asks Ashutosh to stay with Purvi and she goes to help other people. Prachi sees that Manpreet is coughing a lot. Prachi asks Purvi to take Manpreet to the hospital. Purvi instead asks Prachi to take Manpreet to the hospital. Prachi agrees and leaves from there.

Ashutosh learns that fire is spreading in the parking lot. Ashutosh goes to get his scooty. Purvi goes to save the kids.

Rajvansh says he needs a vehicle to save the kids in the fire. The security guard says he has a jeep. Rajvansh buys the jeep from him and takes the jeep into the fire to save the kids. Ashutosh takes his scooty.

Jasveer searches for Purvi. Purvi searches for the kids and Riya comes after Purvi. Purvi asks Riya to escape from the fire. Purvi asks the security guard to take Riya away from here. The security guard agrees and takes Riya away.

Purvi searches for the kids. Jasveer sees Purvi and goes after her. Jasveer loses track of Purvi but finds her again and goes after her.

Riya goes after Purvi. Rajvansh picks up Riya in his jeep. Rajvansh gets to know from Riya that Purvi went into the fire to save the kids. Rajvansh comments on Purvi.

Ashutosh comes and sees Purvi isn’t here. Ashutosh gets a call from Prachi. Prachi asks Ashutosh where is Purvi? Ashutosh says Purvi isn’t here when he asked her to stay here. Prachi questions Ashutosh why did he take his eyes off Purvi and comments on him. Ashutosh sees a woman from the back and thinks it is Purvi and says he found Purvi. Prachi asks Ashutosh to bring Purvi home quickly and cuts the call.

Ashutosh mother calls Ashutosh. Ashutosh tells his mother how Prachi scolded him for something. Ashutosh’s mother decides to teach a lesson to Prachi.

Jasveer sees Purvi running into the fire. Jasveer’s bodyguards stop Jasveer from running into the fire and take him away.
Rajvansh tries to save the kids. Riya asks Yug to go and save the kids with Rajvansh. Rajvansh also asks his cousin to come and help. Yug agrees and helps Rajvansh in saving the kids.

Riya sees Purvi and goes to her. Rajvansh takes the kids and leaves from there. Purvi scolds Riya for coming after her. Purvi comes to Riya. They hug each other

Rajvansh asks Yug to get down the kids quickly. Yug agrees. Rajvansh again goes into the fire with the jeep.

Purvi and Riya see Rajvansh and they shout for help. Rajvansh sees them and gets down from the jeep.

Rajvansh runs towards them. Rajvansh comes to Purvi and Riya. Rajvansh comments on Purvi as she came into the fire without any preparation. Rajvansh asks Purvi if she prays to God to stop the fire he will send rain to stop the fire. It suddenly starts raining.

Rajvansh and Purvi look into each other eyes and Ashutosh seeing the rain and decides to leave from here. The Pandit seeing the rain thinks God has gotten a pair together. Rajvansh and Purvi stare into each other eyes.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Ashutosh’s mother asks Prachi where is Purvi? Prachi asks Ashutosh. Ashutosh mother says to Prachi that she should know where is Purvi not his son. Krishna applies medicine to Purvi.