KumKum Bhagya 17th August 2022 Written Update: Shaina bribes the Lab technician to change the DNA report


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The episode starts with Ranbir bringing tea to Prachi. Prachi drinks it. Ranbir asks how it’s as he prepared it. Prachi says it’s good. Ranbir says he feels good if someone asks him to drink it. Prachi offers him. Ranbir drinks it and they share tea. Ranbir is about to kiss Prachi’s lipstick mark on the cup but Shahana disturbs them saying they are calling you downstairs. Ranbir calls her as a disturbance to their moment. Prachi leaves with Shahana. Ranbir kisses the lipstick mark and thinks it’s hotter than tea.

Rhea comes to the hall and asks what happened. Pallavi says hospital people called and informed us that reports are on the way. That time they hear a calling bell sound. Prachi opens the door. She reports to Rhea. Alia asks why she is giving reports to Rhea. Prachi says Rhea raised doubt about my pregnancy so she needs this report. Rhea says she will ask forgiveness holding her feet if she is wrong. Prachi says no need, first open the report. Rhea opens the report and gets shocked. Alia asks what’s in it. Rhea forwards it to Alia. Pallavi asks what’s in the report. Prachi says she knows what’s in the report. She warns Rhea to never repeat her mistake. Pallavi takes the report. She reads the report that Prachi’s baby Dna is not matching with Ranbir. Dida asks what’s in the report? Pallavi says Prachi’s baby does not belong to Ranbir. Everyone gets shocked.

Ranbir tears the reports. He says he doesn’t believe reports but his love. Daljeet smiles. Ranbir says he listens to his heart and Prachi is carrying his baby. Rhea asks him to stop acting stupid as this report is proof that Prachi is not carrying your baby. Ranbir shuts her. He says he trusts his wife and Sid will clear the doubts so wait for him. Ranbir takes Prachi with him to room.

Goons wait for Sid. They discuss about the money they are going to get from Alia. That time Sid leaves in a cab. Goons follow his cab. Ranbir makes Prachi sit and asks her to not think about anything. Prachi asks if he believes her. Ranbir tells her he trusts her and she is the best thing that happened to him. He asks her to not think about others as he can fight with them. Prachi asks him to not fight with anyone as they are family. Prachi gets into tears. He asks what happened. Prachi says she is bad and feels regret for giving him pain. Ranbir opens his hands. She hugs him. Ranbir tells her he just needs her love. Prachi tells he is the best thing ever happened to her.

Rhea feels happy thinking about the report. She sees Alia and tells her that she is happy to see the report. She thanks god for giving her a gift. Shaina cones there and tells they are the ones who gift her. Sid thinks why Vikram chachu called him. Driver informs Sid that someone is following them. Sid asks what they need to do. Driver says they need to escape. Shaina reveals to Rhea how she bribed the Lab technician to change the report. Rhea says she trusts them. She hugs them. Rhea asks how much money she gave to change the DNA report. Shaina is about to say but they gets shocked seeing Pallavi’s near doorstep.

Episode ends.

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