Kumkum Bhagya 17th January 2023 Written Update: Alia reveals her plan to Rhea


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The episode starts with Pallavi offering everyone in the hospital laddoos. Shahana says Ranbir ordered a cake. Pallavi and Daljeet comment on it and says if they should share good news with everyone then they should give laddoos. Shahana says to them that Ranbir told her that Pallavi and Daljeet should cut the cake. Pallavi asks where are the cakes. The nurse says all these 9 cakes are theirs. Aryan says as Ranbir’s child is 9 months in Prachi’s womb so there are 9 cakes. Alia sees them celebrating and thinks “be happy while you can as you will not be happy for a long time.” Daljeet calls Vikram and says he is going to be a grandfather. Pallavi thinks of Rhea and calls her. Pallavi gives the good news to Rhea that Prachi had a baby girl and asks Rhea to come here. Rhea says she will not as she still feels guilty about what she did. Pallavi and Rhea’s call get cut. Pallavi thinks it would have been great if Rhea is with them.

Ranbir shows the gold chain with moon and a star and says this chain is for their daughter as she has a birthmark of moon and star. Ranbir asks Prachi if this gift is for their baby. Ranbir says yes. Prachi asks Ranbir to put the chain of moon and star on the baby girl. Ranbir puts the chain on the baby girl. Alia comes to Prachi’s room disguised as nurse. Alia says to Prachi that she needs to have medicine. Ranbir asks Prachi to take this medicine. Alia thinks once Prachi takes this injection she will be unconscious. Alia gives the injection to Prachi. Prachi loses consciousness after the injection. Ranbir thinks Prachi might have felt tired as she gave birth just now. Alia sees that Ranbir is distracted with Prachi. Alia injects Ranbir and Ranbir loses consciousness after being injected. Daljeet gives laddoos to everyone. Pallavi asks everyone to bless their child. Aryan asks Pallavi that she should dance today.

Alia takes Prachi’s baby into her hands. Alia says to the baby that she is looking beautiful. Alia decides to call Rhea from Ranbir’s phone and thinks of what is Ranbir’s phone password. Alia thinks Ranbir’s phone password is Prachi’s birthday. Alia types Prachi’s password and calls Rhea. Rhea attends the call and congratulates Ranbir and tells him that she is unable to come to meet Baby as she is going to meet Alia. Alia says it’s fine as your aunt and baby are coming to meet you. Rhea asks what’s doing on there and why she is calling from Ranbir’s number. Alia says I came to meet Prachi’s baby as Prachi is my niece too. Rhea asks what’s her new conspiracy. Alia says you go against me and spoiled my revenge plan deceiving me but now I will take revenge. Rhea requests her to not harm anyone. Alia reveals she is taking the baby with her. Rhea asks what happened to Ranbir and Prachi. Alia says they are in deep sleep and now I’m leaving with the baby. She disconnects the call.

Rhea calls Pallavi but Pallavi doesn’t attend her call. Rhea thinks she has to save Prachi’s baby from Alia and it’s her duty. Alia tells the baby that she will rule everyone by using her as her trump card. Alia shows the baby to the unconscious Prachi. She tells Prachi and Ranbir that they are responsible for her actions and their daughter has to accept the punishment for their mistakes.

Episode ends.

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