Kumkum Bhagya 18th March 2022 Written Update: Sahana spies Rhea and Aliya’s activities to find the truth


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The episode starts with Rhea telling Ranbir that he was the one who forced her on that night without listening to her. Ranbir says I was drunk but I can’t believe that I forced you. Rhea in tears says it happened and someone might be mixed something in your drink. Ranbir tells her that he didn’t do anything intentionally and promised her that he will prove to her and Prachi that it was an accident by finding the person who mixed the pill in his drink. He leaves seeing Aliya entering the room. Aliya and Rhea smile seeing eachother. Dida asks Sahana why she is looking sad. Sahana tells they can’t stay happy until Prachi and Ranbir are happy, hope they won’t their relationship in anger. Dida asks her to not talk in that way. Sahana asks her a way to solve the issue between Prachi and Ranbir. Dida tells Sahana that Prachi is upset with Ranbir as he slept with Rhea and if we prove Ranbir is innocent then their relationship will get better. Sahana tells her she will find the truth of that night.

Rhea tells Aliya how she made Ranbir feel guilty with a fabricated story when he confronted her. Aliya praises her. Rhea says first I thought this plan was failed but now it’s awesome. Aliya says it’s her plan. Rhea hugs her and tells Aliya that Prachi and Ranbir both shall go so far from each other, that they don’t unite again and I will close all the ways of Ranbir, and only one way will be opened which will lead him to me. Aaliya says that day will surely come.

Ranbir cries recalling Prachi and Rhea’s words. He thinks he can’t do that to Rhea and he thinks of that night that he imagined Prachi in place of Rhea and he thinks to find the person who made him drink Bhaang to prove his innocence. Prachi comes out from her room and sees Ranbir. Both think to apologises to eachother for hurting the other with their words but they couldn’t and walk in opposite directions recalling their moments on the anniversary day celebration. Aliya asks Rhea to sharpen her brain to get Ranbir. Sahana thinks to spy on Rhea and Aliya. Rhea tells Aliya that she is not getting how to create hatred between Prachi and Ranbir. Aliya says you didn’t think one drink can separate lovers and the same drink can unite you guys. She notices someone near their room. Aliya stops Rhea and confronts Sahana about what’s she doing near their room. Sahana leaves telling she will send them something. Rhea tells Sahana is upto something. Aliya asks Rhea to concentrate on Ranbir leaving Sahana. Preeti asks the cook to prepare tea to Rhea.

Ranbir asks Preeti and cook from where Bhaang comes in their party. Cook asks him to know it from Aliya as she was the one who gave him Thandai which make him intoxicated. Ranbir asks them to not tell anything to anyone and he remembers that Aliya is the one who gave him a drink. Sahana comes to Prachi’s room and tells her that Aliya and Rhea are plotting against her. Prachi tells her that she is worried that their no fan and AC in her room. Ranbir hears it and asks her to use his room as he is going to sleep in the study room. Prachi tells Sahana that she will sleep in her room. Sahana goes to sleep in Dida’s room. Later Prachi feels suffocated in her room then she goes to sleep in Ranbir’s room. Ranbir goes to the washroom to take his phone and he hides seeing Prachi. Prachi closes the door and thinks to leave the room at 5 am before anyone catches her in his room. Ranbir stares at her.

Episode ends.

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