Kumkum Bhagya 19th April 2021 Written Update: Tanu creates drama at the police station


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Episode starts with Nethra calls Tanu and tells her that don’t worry I will talk with NGO and noone can get Abhi out from jail for raping you. Tanu smiles and says noone can touch me without my permission and Abhi loves his wife and he can’t even think to touch other woman. Nethra says so he didn’t raped you? Tanu says police will conclude it because case is going on and if possible come to Delhi so we can chill together. Nethra gets shocked. Tanu ends call and happily shouts she is not raped but I won’t leave you Abhishek Prem Mehra for choosing Pragya over me 21years back and this time I locked you in my game plan where you have to marry me to get saved from it and this time I don’t need anyone’s help and I will make Rhea to turn my side otherwise she will leave after her marriage so problem to me.

Aliya asks Pragya to leave from their home to end their problems. Dadi says what’s Pragya’s mistake in it? She is the one who always supported him and solve his problems. Aliya says Pragya is the reason for my brother condition and Tanu did it because of Pragya and I accepted Pragya for my Bhai but he is not here so she asks Pragya leave from the house. Pragya in tears leaves from Abhi’s place. Baljeet scolds Aliya for breaking her promise. Aliya says she didn’t break any promise. Baljeet says she did wrong by asking Abhi to forgive her, do you know how Abhi will feel after knowing it? Aliya says I know he will feel bad because I’m also feeling bad. Baljeet asks her to stop her acting because if you care for him than you can never beat him when his condition is not good. Aliya leaves saying you on I’m correct but you’re not ready to accept it. Baljeet leaves saying it’s Tanu’s work not Pragya’s mistake. Mitali thinks why she feel Aliya words are genuine.

Prachi thinks about Ranbir words. Saritha goes to Prachi and says I can see care and love for you in Ranbir eyes. Prachi says he is engaged and didn’t you see his anger on me. Saritha says I saw it, he is angry mode still he dropped you at home and this care is called as love. Prachi says he can do it for peon too and I dont want to talk about it. Saritha says than why you’re thinking about him? Why you’re hiding your love from us. Prachi says nothing like that. Saritha says you both loves eachother than why he is marrying Rhea. Than they notices Pragya returned to home in tears and goes behind her.

Tanu thinks i lost everything for Abhi and even divorced my husband and this time noone can stop me to get Abhi. Inspector calls Tanu to station for her sign. Baljeet asks Mitali to turnoff the TV. Rhea gets shocked after hearing the news and she goes to Aliya room to question her.

Saritha and Prachi questions her what happened. Pragya asks them to leave her alone. Saritha insists her than Pragya tells them how Tanu sent Abhi to jail. Prachi asks Pragya to prove Abhi is innocent. Pragya says she can prove it and but I have to search good lawyer whomi can trust. Prachi wants to confronts Aliya but Pragya stops her. Saritha says Pragya is always getting insults because of Abhi so it’s better to stay here in tears and forget him.

Tanu signs the file than she asks why Abhi is out of lockup. Inspector tells her file is not yet created. Tanu goes to Abhi and tells him that he reached to police station for choosing Pragya over her. Abhi says it’s shame to think that I loved you once but I’m feeling proud that i choosed Pragya over you and I will come out from here because of Pragya only. Tanu says noone can save him. Abhi says you don’t know the power of love and Pragya live has always saved me from you and I will teach you lesson very soon. Tanu creates drama saying Abhi is threatening her. Abhi tells she is lying. Inspector warns Abhi believing Tanu words and he asks Trivedi to keep Abhi in lockup. Tanu thanks inspection for supporting her.

Pragya asks what’s she saying. Saritha says Abhi is inauspicious to you. Pragya gets angry and says you know he is my everything and we are nothing without eachother. Saritha says than why you left home without fighting. Pragya says noone can come in-between us and they can’t let us get separated because he is my life. Saritha says now you’re my Pragya so fight for your Abhi and tell them that they can’t send you out from your house and you have to stay at that place for Rhea too. Pragya agrees. Saritha asks Pragya to take Prachi with her to tackle Aliya. Prachi says her Mom can handle anything and she don’t need anyone’s support. Pragya tells them she will bring back Abhi proving his innocence.

Episode ends.