Kumkum Bhagya 19th April 2022 Written Update: Nick blackmails Rhea for money


Kumkum Bhagya 19th April 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Rhea releasing Nick and telling him to run away. Vikram comes and sees that Nick is running away and he calls everybody. Ranbir tries to find Nick. Nick tries to run away and takes Prachi hostage instead of Shahana. Shahana says Alia tries to take off the fuse and tries to find Nick. Rhea convinces Pallavi Alia did it to fix the current. Ranbir asks about Prachi. Nick takes Prachi and puts her in the car’s back seat and ties her up. Ranbir still tries to find Nick. Rhea calls Nick and asks him where he is. Nick says he is outside and he accidentally kidnapped Prachi instead of Shahana. Rhea scolds him for doing it. Nick says it’s a chance for doing the work that had to be done. Rhea gets convinced and tells him to do it. Nick blackmails Rhea saying that she has one hour and she has to bring the money to where he says otherwise he will hi to Ranbir and tell him the truth. Rhea goes to the fuse room and saves Alia and tells about what Nick has said. Alia also says to give him money and end this. Shahana tries to find Prachi and she finds her ring fallen and comes to the conclusion that she might be taken.

Ranbir hears the sound of someone trying to start a car at the backside at this time. Ranbir sees that Nick is trying to take Prachi in the car. Ranbir tries to stop him. Nick starts the car and drives away. Ranbir goes after him but he wasn’t able to stop Nick. Ranbir promises to save Prachi even if he has to kill Nick he will do it. Rhea gets a message from Nick at the location. Alia says to Rhea to take the money and give it to him. Rhea says that the money bag is in the hall how can she take it away from here. Alia says she will get te bag and throw the bag from the house. You take it away and pay it to Nick. Rhea asks if she is not here what will she say. Alia says she is in a restroom or somewhere.

Shahana comes to Dadi and says she couldn’t find Prachi but she found her ring. Pallavi at this time still blames Prachi that everything wrong in this house is because of her. Everybody tries to put some sense into her but she doesn’t listen. Shahana also explains that she has to think about how Prachi is. Vikram says Ranbir made a mistake not calling the police and he will call the police as the situation is getting out of hand and we don’t even know where Prachi is. Alia tries to take the money bag but sees that Pallavi and Dida are here. Alia asks Pallavi gor water and acts as sh is sick. Alia asks Dida to tell to Pallavi that she wants hot water asshe has sore throat. Rhea is waiting outside the house for the bag but sees that Shahana is outside trying to find Prachi . Rhea hides from her. Alia throws the bag outside. Shahana hears the bag falling and tries to see what it is. Rhea stops her and says to her to find Prachi together. Shahana doesn’t believe her but goes with her acting to find Prachi.

Episode ends.

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