Kumkum Bhagya 19th June 2021 Written Update: Pragya decides to return back India


KumKum Bhagya 19th June 2021 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Today’s episode starts with Pragya saying ‘I won’. She apologize to Sushma who saved her for not celebrating the moment with her. Sushma asks Pragya not to be sorry. People out there congratulate Pragya. Sushma announces, Pragya is the first woman in Australia to won this award. She asks Pragya to get ready for another celebration. Later, Sushma asks Pragya how she felt after receiving the award. Pragya says for the first time she felt she has an existence. She asks Sushma now she wants to let her go to India. Sushma gets an asthma attack. Pragya gives her inhaler. She asks Sushma she didn’t replied to her offer. Pragya makes Sushma recall about her promise. She says she asked her to bring the award than she will allow her to go back to India. Sushma says to Pragya that she is yet to be stronger.

Pragya insists Sushma to let her go to India. Sushma allows. Pragya decides to avenge Abhi, Tanu and Aliya. Sushma says to Pragya that she met her on the date when she was about to end her life. Pragya says to Sushma that she is mother figure to her. Sushma says thus she wanted her to be strong. She adds post she learned how her own family mates tried to kill her, she got furious and decided to make her strong. Sushma than reveals to Pragya about her daughter Priyanka. She tells to Pragya that Priyanka was murdered too by her husband Rohit. Sushma cries for Priyanka recalling her moment with her. She adds and tell to Pragya that she failed to save her daughter thus, she wanted her to be strong. Sushma says she fear post going to India anything will happen to her. Pragya asks Sushma why she doesn’t told her about Priyanka before. Sushma says she was waiting for the right time.

Afterwards, Sushma asks Max to make changes in the tickets to India. She self-talks and says after 2 years she saw sadness in Pragya’s eye. Sushma says thus, she doesn’t want Pragya to leave for India. In the sleep, Pragya dreams of her past. Sushma console Pragya. Other side, Prachi recall her moments with Pragya. She panics. Ranbir console Prachi. Prachi refuses to believe Pragya is no more.

In the morning, Sushma give Pragya her birthday surprise. Pragya throws the cake and says its Abhi’s birthday today. Sushma apologize to Pragya for hurting her feeling. There, Dadi wish Abhi ‘happy birthday’. Duo share a talk. Daadi says she believes Pragya is alive. Abhi avoids Pragya’s talk. Daadi prays to God to send Pragya back.

Here, Sushma decides to take Pragya along to the India. Pragya gets happy. Sushma says to Pragya she might can bump into Abhi today. Pragya says she is ready to shock Abhi on her birthday. Episode ends with Pragya calling Abhi a ‘betrayer’.

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