Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2022 Written Update: Sahana feels happy with Prachi’s decision


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The episode starts with Rhea and Aliya meeting Ngo women. They tell false stories against Prachi to Ngo women. Rhea tells Prachi had an affair with my husband Sidhant and Ranbir found out about it and threw her out then he proposed to me for marriage and during our marriage, Prachi came as his legal wife and she created many problems for me and now Prachi is pregnant of Sidhant baby but now she reentered my place to tell everyone that baby belongs to Ranbir. Ranbir brings food to Prachi’s room and he is about to feed her but she tells him she will have it. Ranbir eats it telling he didn’t add anything. Prachi asks him to stop his lectures and apologises to him.

Rhea asks Ngo women to help her. Ngo women ask if they are saying the truth. Rhea says it’s true and I came here with the hope that you will help us so please help my family. They ask if they have a pregnancy report. Rhea tells it will come in the evening. Aliya says tonight is Pallavi and Vikram’s anniversary so please come there to expose her otherwise she will ruin more life’s taking other NGO’s help. The NGO officer assures Aliya and Rhea that they will do justice and give punishment to Prachi by darkening her face if they confirm Prachi’s pregnancy, not of Ranbir. Rhea thanks them. Ranbir feeds food to her. Sahana feels happy witnessing their moment. Prachi tells him she will eat it. Ranbir asks her to have it then she eats it. Ranbir chooses a saree and asks her to wear it for the party. He leaves. Prachi feels her baby moments. Sahana comes to Prachi and praises Ranbir’s caring qualities and she asks Prachi to give one chance to Ranbir. Prachi tells Sahana that she decides to tell Ranbir that she is pregnant. Sahana tells her it’s the best decision of her. Prachi asks Sahana to decorate the garden to reveal the matter post anniversary function. Sahana hugs her in happiness.

Prachi arrives at to party. Ranbir and Dida discuss Prachi is looking beautiful. Rhea comes there. Ranbir tells he is the one who chose that saree for her. Rhea gets angry and leaves from there. Dida places black dot behind Ranbir and Prachi’s ears telling them it will protect them from evil eyes. Rhea tells Aliya that Ranbir is started to feel for Prachi again. Aliya says their relationship will end once we prove she is pregnant with Sid’s kid. Pallavi and Vikram arrive at the function. Rhea tells she will call the Doctor. Aliya asks her to leave after wishing her in laws. Ranbir goes to get his surprise gift. Rhea wishes them. Pallavi gets angry seeing Prachi. Prachi wishes them but Pallavi leaves. Ranbir on stage tells that he has amazing parents who love each other and I learned from them that fights are common in love and he wishes them for anniversary. Everyone claps. Rhea feels happy thinking Prachi is going to be get insulted.

Episode ends.

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