Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2023 Written Update: Prachi exposes Payal’s lies


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The episode starts with Ranbir saying to Khushi that he trusts her completely. Khushi asks why, and how am I related to you. Ranbir thinks she is like his daughter. He tells her she is his little friend. Khushi asks Ranbir to come to meet her daily. Ranbir agrees. Khushi sees Laali seeing them and asks Ranbir to leave before her mom comes. Ranbir says ok and leaves in his car. Payal comes out of the car. She goes to Laali. Laali asks why she is eyeing Ranbir. She asks how he related to her. Payal is about to say something but Laali stops her and asks her to tell Ranbir not to try to take her daughter otherwise he has to face my wrath. Payal asks why Ranbir will take her daughter. Laali says he feels Khushi is like his daughter that’s why and asks if she knows him. Payal says Ranbir is a molester so don’t give your daughter to him. Laali looks on.

Ayush receives Ashok from the airport. Ashok scolds Ayush for wasting time. On another side, Prachi gets ready and thinks about why Ranbir is not fighting for himself if he is innocent. She thinks to support the truth. She receives Ashok’s call. Ashok asks if she is at the office. Prachi says no and tells him she prepared a quotation and mailed him. Ashok praises her and tells her he came to Delhi to talk to her. He asks her to come office soon. Prachi says she has another work and come later. Ashok insists her come first to meet him. Prachi agrees and thinks hopes Ranbir handles the issue. She leaves for the office.

Vikram and Aryan see Ranbir and ask if he is worried about the Payal case. Ranbir says he is thinking about work as Kaya and her father are out of town so there is so much work. Pallavi and Dida come there and tell Ranbir that they are going to the temple. They ask Ranbir to join them but Ranbir says he is busy and sends them.

Ranbir hears a calling bell sound and opens the door. He sees ladies and asks who are they. The NGO woman tells they came to teach him a lesson to threaten Payal. Ranbir says Payal is lying. Ngo woman says they came to blacken Ranbir’s face, for ruining a woman’s respect. The reporter says it will be shown on every news channel. The ladies hold his hand, while a lady tries to put her inked hand on Ranbir’s face. Ranbir says you are doing wrong, Payal is lying. Prachi comes there and holds the lady’s hand from applying ink to Ranbir’s face. Prachi asks them to decide who is correct or not after seeing the CCTV footage. Prachi asks Payal if she wants to admit the truth or not. Payal accuses Prachi joined her hands with her husband to ruin her. Prachi says I’m with the truth and you’re a liar and you want to talk to me in this way so I will prove what’s the truth. Prachi reveals to everyone that Ranbir didn’t molest Payal and he gave a warning to Payal when she stole company funds so she framed him in the wrong case. Payal says Prachi is lying. Prachi says she has proof and shows everyone the CCTV footage which is against Payal and proves Payal is a liar.

Episode ends.

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