Kumkum Bhagya 1st October 2022 Written Update: Prachi demands Rhea to admit her mistake


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The episode starts with Prachi telling Ranbir that he is a bad dancer. Ranbir says he didn’t come to talk about dance and asks how can she be so happy. Prachi asks won’t you like my happiness? At least act happy for me. Ranbir asks if she is really happy. Prachi asks him to stop confusing her. Ranbir asks her to do what she likes. Prachi says you’re looking good. Ranbir says you’re not looking good. Prachi says doesn’t matter as it won’t affect me. Ranbir asks doesn’t his kiss has made any difference. Prachi says you saved my life but don’t repeat it. Ranbir asks if she finds it. Prachi says I knew it. Ranbir asks what is the need to tell her if she knows everything. Prachi thinks my heart is heard but I need to listen too. He receives a call. Prachi leaves.

Prachi enters Rhea’s room and she thinks to find a clue to know which hotel they hide Mihika. Shahana also joins her to search for clues. Rhea comes out from her washroom. Shahana and Prachi manage Rhea saying they are playing a pillow game. Rhea asks them to stop their childishness. Prachi says it git me remind Mihika and hope she comes to our engagement. Rhea says she will come and takes her phone. Prachi and Shahana leave. Rhea suspects them. Prachi tells Shahana that Rhea’s luck is good. Shahana says let’s expose them. Prachi says they need proof. Pallavi comes there and tells Prachi that it’s time for the ring ceremony and please don’t forget my request. Prachi goes with her.

Pandit calls Bride and groom. Alia goes to bring them. Dida scolds Vikram for following Pallavi’s command. Ranbir gets angry seeing Sid. Aryan takes him near mandap. Pallavi and Alia bring Prachi. Ranbir sees her and thinks why Prachi is not stopping the engagement. Prachi thinks you have to stop it by telling everyone that I’m yours. Ranbir walks towards Prachi. Prachi looks emotional. Pallavi takes Prachi and makes her sit in the mandap along with Sid. Pandit asks Pallavi to perform aarti to start engagement. Pallavi performs the aarti. Rhea smirks. Ranbir and Prachi look at each other. Pallavi gives rings to Prachi and Sid. Pandit asks them to exchange rings. Prachi stays silent recalling that Mihika’s life is in danger. Sid is about to put the ring on her finger but he drops it and it falls near Ranbir’s feet.

Ranbir gives the ring to Sid. Prachi says we love each other Ranbir then how can you give ring to him and it’s wrong so stop this engagement. Rhea asks whats happening? Just hurry up. Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand. Rhea separates their hands. Prachi slaps Rhea and tells everyone that this all happened due to her conspiracy and cheap plotting, because of her, Sid had to lie that Ranbir’s baby is of him. Everyone gets shocked. Ranbir looks at Rhea. Pallavi asks Prachi what is she talking about. Prachi says it’s the truth and asks Rhea to admit her mistake. Rhea asks her to shut up as everyone knows that you’re carrying Sid’s baby and Sid agreed. Prachi says you made Sid lie to everyone.

Episode ends.

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