Kumkum Bhagya 20th April 2022 Written Update: Aliya kidnaps Preeti and warns Nick to kill Prachi


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The episode starts with Rhea sending Sahana to get the car keys. Rhea takes the bag and leaves in the car. Sahana fails to stop her and she thinks she will definitely search for Prachi. Ranbir comes to Nick’s house where he finds Preeti is the girlfriend of Nick. He calls Preeti and asks her to tell him where is Nick? As he kidnapped Prachi. Preeti tells she doesn’t know. Ranbir tells Police will arrest her if she doesn’t tell him where Nick can go taking Prachi. Preeti tells him the secret location of Nick.

Nick tells Prachi that he is doing everything for money and he doesn’t have any issue with her. He calls his friend Tony to their Adda. Tony shows Prachi’s photo to his friend and tells him that he is going to kill her. On the way, Rhea feels angry recalling how Nick threatened her. Aliya calls Rhea and asks if she reached. Rhea says I’m stuck in the traffic and I feel Nick can play a double game with us. Aliya asks her to not worry and tells her that she will protect her. Rhea thanks her and sends her live location.

Nick ties Prachi to the chair and asks her to not cry. He goes aside. His friend asks if he really kills her. Nick says Tony will kill her but if Rhea didn’t bring money then I will expose her infront of Ranbir taking Prachi. His friend asks why can’t he have a deal with Ranbir so he can escape from case and Ranbir. Nick says it’s a commitment and tells him that he will wait for 15m. He calls Rhea and gets switched off tone. His friend asks what if she is double-crossing them. Nick tells him she won’t. Prachi thinks Ranbir will save her.

Sahana calls Ranbir. Ranbir tells her he finds where Nick took Prachi. Sahana tells him that she will come taking the car. Vikram tells he will take her. Pallavi tells them she will accompany them to save Prachi for Ranbir. Ranbir runs to Nick’s place thinking he will ruin Nick for abducting Prachi.

Nick says the deal is off with Rhea as time is over. His friend asks him to have a deal with Ranbir. Rhea’s car gets breaks down on the way, she notices her phone is switched off. Nick calls Rhea and receives that her phone is switched off and he thinks to contact Ranbir to teach a lesson to Rhea. Nick asks Prachi to not shout and opens a cloth from her mouth. Prachi asks him to release her telling Ranbir will give him money. Nick agrees. He asks her to make Ranbir take back the case. Prachi promises him that she will do it.

Nick goes aside and calls Ranbir. Ranbir reaches to Nick’s place. Nick asks him to give money to release Prachi and tells he has the condition. Ranbir comes infront of Nick and asks what’s his condition. Nick asks him to take back the case on him. Ranbir asks him to tell who hired him to agree to the deal. Nick agrees and they hear some sound. Ranbir goes inside for Prachi. Aliya takes Nick aside and slaps him for cheating them. Nick says I gave time to Rhea but she double crossed me that’s why I had deal with Ranbir. Aliya says Rhea’s phone is switched off and she is near. Rhea comes there with money. Aliya asks him set everything by finishing his work to get money. Rhea slaps him for trying to reveal her crime. Nick warns to expose them if they slap him again. Aliya shows him that she kidnapped Preeti and warns him to finish the work. Ranbir searches for Prachi. Vikram, Pallavi, and Sahana reach to Nick’s place. Sahana and Pallavi fight with eachother. Vikram asks them to not fight with eachother and tells them that they have to enter without making any noise. Aliya asks Nick to kill Prachi. Ranbir searches for Nick and Prachi. He calls Nick to finish his deal. Aliya tells Rhea that they have to hide. Ranbir beats Nick’s men and finds Prachi.

Episode ends.

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