KumKum Bhagya 20th July 2022 Written Update: Alia and Rhea pollute Pallavi’s mind against Prachi


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The episode starts with Ranbir begging on his knees to stay here. Prachi says she can’t stay here. Ranbir says he will die. Prachi slaps him and says not to talk like that. Ranbir tells her to give him a reason to live. Prachi says you only talk and you do nothing. Prachi says how she feels. Ranbir says he will make everything right.

Prachi says you can never make it right. Prachi says she is done. Prachi says she is broken and she is done. If I go from here then I might get back and begs him to let her leave this house. Every relationship is not lifelong. Prachi says not to look like that. Prachi asks him to let her go. Ranbir couldn’t say a word. Prachi tries to go but Ranbir stops her. Ranbir says he will pick up the luggage. When the luggage opens he sees his photos. Prachi says it is by mistake.

Ranbir says he didn’t learn how to love that’s why he made mistakes and he learned from it. Ranbir asks Prachi to follow her heart and if she wants to leave then take him with her. Ranbir hugs Prachi. Prachi hugs back and they think of their memories with each other.

When the family reaches the house. Alia says she will talk to Pallavi and make Prachi leave the house. Rhea also agrees. Alia says to Pallavi she can make this right and Prachi has to go. Alia says Rhea is the right choice for your daughter in law and until Prachi is here no one can be happy. Rhea says she knows that she loves her but she has to prove it by throwing Prachi out of the house. Alia says Prachi is trying to make you and Ranbir separate. If someone wants to stop Prachi then let them also leave. Shahana says how can someone hate their family this much.

Prachi gets out of the hug and Ranbir tries to hug her again but Prachi stops him and says no. Prachi says why do you think I will do what you want. I will leave but Ranbir hugs her and stops her. Prachi says you are hurting me and gets out of the hug. Prachi says more than his words his touch is hurting me. Ranbir says sorry.

 Prachi says you are seeing my suffering now if you have seen it before then it might have been possible to make up. Ranbir asks Prachi for another chance. Prachi says she gave him and she came back to tell him we are pregnant but you married Rhea and now she is pregnant and there is nothing left. Ranbir asks her to stay for their baby. He questions why she is punishing their baby. Prachi pushes him.

Shahana asks Alia to keep her poison with her as Prachi is leaving the house. Alia says Prachi said many times that she will leave but she never does it. She asks Pallavi to throw out Prachi from the house and Ranbir’s life. Prachi warns him to not show that he cares for the baby and she doesn’t, if you care for your baby then why you marry Rhea without thinking about us. Ranbir says sorry, please forgive me and tells me what I can do to stop you from leaving. He begs her by sitting on his knees.

Prachi also begs him to not stop her. She says she entered the house forgiving him after knowing about pregnancy but I witnessed your marriage and vowed to snatch all happiness from you that’s shy I hid my pregnancy matter from you and I want you to feel the pain and your Prachi is dead. Ranbir asks her to not talk in this way. Prachi says you didn’t rectify your mistake by I’m leaving by rectifying my mistake. She throws Ranbir’s photo on the bed and leaves taking her luggage. Dida and Vikram notice her. Pallavi comes in front of Prachi. Rhea thinks thank God finally she is leaving.

Episode ends.

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