Kumkum Bhagya 21st September 2023 Written Update: Ranbir is thrown into a cell


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The episode starts with Mihika accusing Prachi of having her look on Ranbir. Ranbir asks Mihika to stop accusing Prachi and says he will not stand it. Akshay argues with Ranbir and says to Ranbir that it’s time to check the proof.

Akshay takes the laptop from Abhay and shows the CCTV footage to everyone. Akshay shows that Ranbir is standing beside a dancer. Ranbir says he was talking to the dancer casually and says he didn’t know who he was? Akshay comments on Ranbir as he couldn’t differentiate between a dancer and a kidnapper. Akshay says to his family that the truth will be out once they check the dance troupe. Akshay says if that person is here then it will be proved that he is wrong and if he isn’t there then it means Ranbir hired someone to kidnap Khushi. Akshay calls Abhay to call the dance troupe.

Ranbir asks Prachi if he is thinking that he will kidnap their own daughter. Prachi stays silent. Ranbir says he can never do that. Akshay reminds Prachi that he can do it as he has already done it once. Ranbir says he didn’t do it and reminds what Khushi said to her. Prachi doesn’t believe Ranbir’s words.

Akshay asks Ranbir where is her daughter? Ranbir says Khushi is his daughter, not Akshay’s daughter. Akshay gets into a struggle with Ranbir.

Ashok stops both of them and says Khushi is missing and they need to find her. Akshay pleads with Prachi to trust him. Prachi asks Ranbir where is Khushi? Akshay goes outside looking for Khushi?

Akshay brings Khushi’s shoe and shows it to his family and Prachi. Akshay says he found it in Ranbir’s car. Akshay asks Prachi to trust him and says Ranbir kidnapped Khushi.

Prachi sees that Ranbir isn’t telling her about Khushi so she calls the police and complaints to the police that Ranbir kidnapped Khushi.

The cops come to Tandon’s mansion and take Ranbir to the police station. Ranbir tries to tell Prachi that he didn’t do anything.

Ranbir in the police station tries to tell the cops that he didn’t do anything but they don’t listen to him.

Pallavi learns about Ranbir being arrested. Pallavi says to Vikram about it. The whole Kohli family goes to the police station.

The Kohli family comes to the police station. They request the inspector to release Ranbir saying he didn’t do anything wrong. The inspector says to Kohli’s family that Ranbir abducted Khushi as he wanted to trap Prachi. Pallavi asks the inspector who told him about this? The inspector says Akshay told him about this. Ranbir also shouts from the cell that Prachi is his wife not Akshay’s wife. The inspector makes a comment seeing Ranbir shouting from the cell.

The Kohli family comes to Tandon mansion. Pallavi shouts for Prachi. Visakha says Prachi isn’t here. Pallavi asks Tandon family how could they send Ranbir his son to jail. Manpreet says the circumstantial evidence all point to Ranbir. Pallavi scolds Tandon family. Akshay asks Pallavi to not cross the line and says he can also scold them. Ashok calms down Akshay and Vikram. Ashok says to Vikram that who is right and who is wrong will be found out in the investigation. Ashok asks Vikram family to leave. Vikram thinks it’s no use talking to Tandon family. Vikram takes Pallavi away. Pallavi shouts she regrets the day she brought marriage proposal to this family.

Prachi comes to the police station. Ranbir thinks Prachi has calmed down and came to get him out. Prachi comes and asks Ranbir where is her daughter? Ranbir argues with Prachi as she doesn’t listen to him. Ranbir says their relationship was never strong all because Prachi doesn’t believe him. Ranbir thinks it’s no use talking to Prachi and leaves from there.

Episode ends.