Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February 2022 Written Update: Prachi gets Rhea arrested


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The episode starts with Prachi tells she got her people in this war. Vikram joins her. Pallavi and Aliya join Rhea. Rhea tells you can call more people but the victory belongs to the person who has Ranbir. Prachi tells Ranbir is with me and if you have any doubt see my Kumkum and enjoy your time in lockup. Inspector asks Constable to keep Rhea in lock up. Rhea tells you’re doing a big mistake. Prachi says I did a mistake by forgiving you many times and don’t let me make arrest you for a lifetime. Rhea tells very soon I will come out so get ready to face my wrath.

Prachi tells she is always ready. Constable takes Rhea with her. Prachi goes aside and cries. Dida asks why she is crying in the happy time. Prachi says I got my kumkum but I lost myself as Rhea is my sister and I have to protect her but I made her get arrested and I’m not liking it. Dida hugs her and tells she is not wrong and comforts her telling she is fighting against bad and you’re with the truth so don’t feel bad. Prachi agrees. Sahana tells you’re going to win it as you have Dida kind of Saarthi.

Pallavi sits in Prachi’s car asking Prachi to come in the taxi. Dida and Sahana leave with them. Prachi thinks Dida is correct, wish Rhea will be like Sahana. Rhea feels frustrated in lockup and thinks it’s a preplanned plan of Prachi and I’m locked up in jail and they are outside and how can he fill her mang with Kumkum and why I feel that I’m not Ranbir’s wife. Fellow inmates warn her to stop her Bakwas.

Prachi thanks Ngo woman. NGO woman warns Ranbir to not repeat his mistake and she asks him to become one woman man and if we get any complaint then you will get jailed. Ranbir apologises to Prachi and begs her to forgive him. He does sit up holding his ears. Ngo woman smiles. Ranbir tells her he will become Chicken. Prachi tells she forgives him. Ranbir asks her to hug him if she forgives him.

NGO woman asks her to hug him. Prachi hugs him and tells him he is Dramabeez. Ranbir tells her he is less than her. He asks where they want him to drop. Ngo woman tells he is romantic. Prachi tells he doesn’t have a car. Ranbir says they can leave in her car. Prachi tells her Sasu Mom took her car. He goes to get a taxi. Ngo woman tells Prachi that her husband is charming. Ranbir brings Taxi and they leave.

On the way, Ranbir asks Prachi if Ngo women are her friends. Prachi tells they came to help so they are friends. Ranbir asks what she needs for valentine’s day. Prachi says she got her Kumkum. Ranbir asks how her Kumkum has gone from her mang. Prachi tells it’s just makeup to her. Ranbir tells I know you’re saying something and doing something and I know you sent police to the hotel.

Later, Prachi sleeps on his shoulder. Ranbir wakes up Prachi when they reach home. Prachi moves far from him. Vikram tells Rhea can get released in 10 days according to the lawyer. Aliya thanks him. Pallavi stops Prachi from entering inside and asks Prachi how she expected her to allow her inside the house after seeing her drama in the police station. Vikram asks what’s she doing. Pallavi questions why he didn’t talk when it’s needed and your friend’s daughter is at the jail and won’t you care for her. Prachi tells I’m his friend’s daughter too and he supported the good. Pallavi says your thoughts and intentions are dirty.

Episode ends.

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