KumKum Bhagya 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Pallavi reveals her plan to Rhea


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The episode starts with Pallavi talking to Prachi. Pallavi apologises to Prachi and says she will make up for what she did. She promises that she will stay by her side and from now on they are mother and daughter. Rhea seeing this gets jealous. Shahana says to Ranbir and Daljeet what happened. They weren’t able to believe it.

Vikram comes and asks what is happening. Shahana says when she is taking water for Prachi. Pallavi stops her and says she is going to take care of Prachi from now on. Vikram says he is not able to believe what she said and asks Shahana what she said. When Rhea is going with her bag. Ranbir and all the family members don’t stop her and Dadi comes and tells her to take care when she goes.

Alia thinks why didn’t she hear the scream till now. When she is thinking about Rhea. Rhea comes inside with the suitcase. Alia sees that no one is there outside. Alia asks Rhea what happened. Rhea says no one came to stop her. Rhea says everyone acted like they don’t care about me. Rhea says I wanted to prove my importance to Prachi but now I saw my importance.

Rhea says she wants importance and says she deserves it. Alia stated the facts. Rhea wasn’t able to stand what Alia said and Rhea lashes out at her. Rhea says she can’t stand what Pallavi did. Rhea says Pallavi was on her side. Rhea acts like she is going to attempt suicide. Alia tells her to breathe. Rhea says noone understands her not even you. I only attempted fake suicide when I knew that Ranbir and Prachi love each other. And dad saved me. After that, I attempted when I wanted to marry Ranbir, and here I am. Rhea tells Alia that a fake suicide attempt is her Brahmastra.

Alia says I think we should call Pallavi. Rhea says Pallavi saw her coming here. Rhea says just wait and watch. Rhea attempts a fake suicide infront of Pallavi and Alia acts like she is trying to stop her. Pallavi stops Rhea and asks how could she do this. Rhea says no one likes her. Only you used to like me now you are accepting Prachi as your daughter in law then what choice do I have. Pallavi asks if she said she loves Prachi no. She is only giving attention to Prachi. Pallavi says to Alia she can’t talk to her like this. Alia talks to Rhea and tells her to calm down.

Prachi puts her clothes back in the cupboard. Ranbir comes and helps her. Ranbir makes her sit on the bed and he puts her clothes in the cupboard. Ranbir sits on the bed and tries to talk to her. Prachi says she needs some space. Ranbir tells her he can have her space but make sure this doesn’t make us distant. Ranbir says welcome back and walks away.

Pallavi tells Rhea and tells her that she is only her daughter in law. Rhea says but you let Prachi stay here. Pallavi says she didn’t let this future of this house go away. How would you feel If your house child is in another house? If Prachi took away the child and made it like her middle class I can’t stand it. I don’t want my blood to be dirty. Once the child is born I will claim custody of the child and I will not let Prachi see him. Once the child is born I will throw Prachi out of this house.

Episode ends.

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