KumKum Bhagya 22nd March 2022 Written Update: Prachi slaps Ranbir


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The episode starts with Prachi is seeing Ranbir’s photo and she questions why he lied to her that he is one woman man. She is about to leave but Dadi and Sahana come there with food. Prachi denies eating but Dida insists her. Sahana asks what is the meaning that after taking a drink nobody can do anything. Dida says I already told you. Sahana asks Prachi to answer. Prachi recalls her moment with Ranbir and leaves from there. Ranbir goes to the washroom. Rhea and Aliya enter the room. Rhea opens the cupboard and shows Aliya the shirt Ranbir came to search in her room. She tells Aliya that it’s confirmed that he came to search the proof and he will go against me if he gets proof against us. Aliya asks her to talk slowly. Prachi comes there calling Ranbir.

She sees Rhea and asks what’s she doing. Rhea tells her she is helping her husband by choosing the dress and tells her that Ranbir lied that he didn’t get the shirt so I can come to him to give the dress and it’s kind of romance husbands will do which you won’t understand. Prachi feels uncomfortable. Aliya smiles.

Ranbir comes out and asks them what’s happening. Rhea says the shirt is in your cupboard but you told me that you didn’t find to tease me right. She shows the shirt and asks if he is searching for that shirt? Ranbir agrees and thanks to her. Rhea and Aliya leave the room. Ranbir asks Prachi what she wants to talk with him.

Aliya asks Rhea how Ranbir doubted her. Rhea says don’t know, in which matter he got doubt as we did many things. Aliya says they have to confirm it. Rhea asks Naresh to get tea. Aliya tells Rhea that Ranbir might want to know who had given him thandai on Maha Shivratri. Naresh says you have given him and I told him. Rhea and Aliya scold him. Rhea asks Aliya to fire him. Aliya warns him to leave. Naresh begs them to give him chance. Aliya asks him to take 10 days leave. Naresh leaves. Aliya tells Rhea that they have to remove the prescription of tablets from her room. Rhea says Ranbir is doubting her. Aliya says let’s not get him the proof to confirm his doubts. She takes Rhea with her to erase the proofs.

Prachi says I came to remind you that you said one woman man but you have done things opposite to it. Ranbir says he is still one woman man. Prachi says you’re lying and if you’re one woman man then who’s Rhea. Ranbir says I don’t care about Rhea as my heart loves only one woman i.e you. Prachi says my heart wants me to trust you but my head warns me to not trust as my conversation with Rhea makes me feel that I’m other women as she came to search your shirt and said she is your wife and you married her. Ranbir holds her and asks her to listen to him. Prachi asks what to listen to? She was proud of her husband, her marriage, and love, but everything is over. Ranbir says I will die, but. Prachi slaps him hard and then realizes what she did and turns to another side. Ranbir tells her he won’t let their love gets died. Prachi asks what about relationship.

Ranbir says we have a relationship, that’s why you slapped me with right and I will die but won’t spoil our relationship and I love the way you love me. Prachi tells she doesn’t love him. Ranbir tells her that he will prove his innocence to her that he is one woman man and I did wrong by bringing you here and for Mom’s happiness I risked my life. Prachi asks him to stop blaming others when he is the reason for their separation and I’m your wife still I need to prove it to others because of you. Ranbir says you’re angry. Prachi says live in your way assuming that you’re correct and I will keep my anger with me. She leaves.

Shahana comes to Ranbir in tears. He asks why she is crying. Sahana tells they are happy tears. Ranbir asks how she changed. Sahana asks him to promise her that never to get angry with her even she fights with him for Prachi. She hugs him telling he is best brother in law. Ranbir says wish Prachi can understand me like you. Sahana says Prachi is correct in her point and she asks him to take her help if he wants. She leaves.

Sahana notices Preeti is taking the dustbin of Rhea’s room and she sends Preeti to get her water then she finds the prescription and medicine strip in the dustbin and gets what is it for? Then records the video as proof and she goes to the medical store to find out about the medicine. Rhea and Aliya see the dustbin and take the strip of medicine. Aliya asks her to Destroy it. They feel tense hearing someone is coming.

Episode ends.

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