Kumkum Bhagya : Police raid Abhi’s house in search of Sanju


In today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, it will be shown that Prachi stops near a car and finds something suspicious. Some goons kidnap someone and lock the person in the car. However, Prachi is unable to see anyone inside. As Prachi enters the building, she finds someone lying on the floor. Now it has to be seen what new trouble Prachi is in.

At the same time, Riya, who failed in every effort to destroy Prachi, is now seen getting trapped in her own web. Fed up with Prachi, Riya did the trick and gave money to Sanju to kidnap Prachi and get her away from him and Ranbir’s life. But contrary to what happened, where Ranveer saved Prachi, the love for Prachi deepened in his heart. On the other hand, Riya is hiding that she had kidnapped Prachi. But it seems that now this secret of Riya is going to be veiled.

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In Kumkum Bhagya will be shown that Sanju will come to Riya’s house for the purpose of harassing her. Sanju threatens Riya and blackmails her. Riya is very scared of Sanju, while the police will come to Riya’s house and she will tell that she has received the news that the criminal has entered her house. After listening to the police, the rest of the family will agree to search the house, while Riya’s condition will worsen due to panic.

Sanju is hidden in Riya’s room, so he is sure to be caught during police search and once Sanju gets caught by the police, then Riya will also find it difficult to escape. Now in today’s episode, it will be revealed whether Sanju reveals Riya’s name when caught by the police or not and if Sanju does so then what will Riya answer to her father Abhi.

At the same time, in Kumkum Bhagya, viewers will soon get to see a love story between Prachi and Ranveer. Pragya realizes that somewhere her daughter Prachi has a love for Ranbir in her heart, she is unable to say that while Ranbir is also feeling love in his heart for Prachi.