Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Rhea traps Prachi in her plan


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The episode starts with Ranbir telling Prachi that he has no feelings for her, and asks her to marry Sid and make a family with him. He asks her to settle in London post marriage as I want to see our memories of love, not your betrayal. He leaves in his car in his drunken state. He drinks while driving the car. He recalls everything and drives the car at high speed and stops it suddenly then his head hits the steering. He comes out of the car and thinks he can’t live without Prachi. Sid goes to Prachi’s room and searches for her. Prachi enters her room and she asks him to leave her room. Sid says you forgive everyone who hurts you. Prachi stops him and says I hate you and I consider you as my brother and you treated me as a sister then why you did it to me? Sid says I can’t reveal the reason to you. Prachi says you’re a bad person. Alia stands near the doorway. Sid leaves the room. Prachi shouts at him to answer her question. Alia says two lovers are talking and sorry for coming here at the wrong time. Prachi closes the door at her face.

Someone knocks on the door. Prachi opens the door in irritation. Rhea enters inside and gives her a saree for her engagement. Rhea says tonight we can’t sleep and she leaves saying Cu tomorrow. Prachi comes out in anger and calls Rhea. Rhea recalls Alia’s advice that she has to ignite anger in Prachi then Prachi refuses to marry Sid in front of Pallavi then she will fall down in Pallavi’s sight and Prachi will be out of this house straightaway. Prachi asks Rhea why she bought her saree. Rhea says I bought it as you’re my sister. Prachi says you’re not loyal to anyone so stop calling me sister. Rhea asks her to stop calling herself loyal as you always stole my dreams. Prachi asks what nonsense she is talking about. Shahana says nonsense people will talk nonsense only so leave about her.

Rhea says you guys don’t have the answer to it. She asks Prachi if she still loves Ranbir? Rhea says you love Ranbir and marrying Sid, you can’t get both of them and if you want this house happiness then marry Sid and if you want to be selfish then be with Ranbir. She says you’re inauspicious to this house. Shahana says Rhea you’re inauspicious and argue with her. Prachi stops them and tells Rhea that she doesn’t have any feelings for Ranbir. Rhea says another lie. She asks Prachi to prove that she doesn’t love Ranbir and wants the happiness of this house. Prachi says I will prove it by getting engaged to Sid. Shahana gets shocked. Prachi leaves. Shahana calls Rhea Chudail. Rhea says I accept it.

Prachi in tears thinks everything is happening because of Ranbir. She thinks I came here to take revenge on Ranbir but my feelings changed and we love each other but now Ranbir wants me to marry Sid. She places her hand on her face seeing the car light. Ranbir comes out of the car. Sid sees them from the window. Prachi asks if he is drunk. Ranbir says he drunk in happiness. Prachi asks him to stay away and tells him that she doesn’t want to talk to him when he is drunk. She is about to leave but comes back hearing pain in his voice. She asks what happened. Sid cries for coming in-between the couple who has love. Prachi notices he is hurt. She takes out the first aid box from the car. She cleans his hand and applies motion to him. Ranbir sees her with love.

Episode ends.

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