KumKum Bhagya 24th June 2022 Written Update: Rhea reveals that she is really pregnant to Alia


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The episode starts with Shahana arguing with Pallavi and Alia. Shahana was about to say that Prachi is pregnant but she does not as Prachi made her swear. Shahana stays silent. Alia tells her to stay like this from now on. Shahana thinks it’s a good thing as Prachi made her swear if she did not she would have told about it to them. Atleast he will not get curses from them. Shahana sees Ranbir and thinks why do you always betray Prachi you say you love her but you are never on her side. Prachi is on the road thinking of what Pallavi and Alia said. Prachi collides with a car and becomes unconscious.

Kamaleswari asks why is he sad. Ranbir says he can’t say about it. Kamaleswari blesses him to have peace in his heart. Shahana argues with Ranbir and scolds him and tells that Pallavi and Alia said she will never have a baby. Woman who collided Prachi with her car tries to take her to the hospital in her car but Prachi wakes up and the woman asks Prachi about her details when she comes to consciousness.

Alia comes to Rhea and hugs her and says it’s an appreciation hug as she announced that she is going to be the mother of Ranbir’s child. And he couldn’t say anything as this is not his child. Alia hears footsteps when she talking and checks at the door then she sees Shahana’s earrings and thinks she heard what they were talking and goes to see her.

Alia sees that she is crying to herself in her room. Alia finds Shahana with her earrings. She sees an earring in her hand and thinks about who heard their conversation. Ranbir desperately searches for Prachi. He goes to mandir assuming she may go there to get peace. Prachi reaches their old apartment and recalls her moments with Ranbir and recalls how Ranbir suggested to name their kids Purvi and Rithwik. She feels sad recalling how Rhea is getting all the love which she needs to get.

Ranbir searches for Prachi in the temple. He thinks where are you Prachi, I want to fall on your feet to seek your forgiveness. He collapses in front of Goddess and says he is responsible for the pain Prachi is bearing. He pleads god to settle everything between Prachi and him telling he can’t see Prachi in this condition. He prays God to tell him where is Prachi. He closed his eyes and realises where Prachi may go to get peace. Rhea asks Alia if it’s Shahana?

Alia says she is crying in corner and it’s not her earring and no one may hear our conversation and you trapped Ranbir saying you’re pregnant. Rhea says she is really pregnant. Alia gets shocked and says don’t joke, you implemented my plan by spiking his drink. Rhea says no, I’m pregnant with Ranbir’s baby.

Episode ends.

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