KumKum Bhagya 24th March 2022 Written Update: Rhea decides to kill Ranbir’s feelings for Prachi


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The episode starts with Prachi bringing kaada for Sahana and sees that she is not in her room and thinks to herself how she was acting like a drunk because of the medicine and thinks what is it. Prachi sees the letter that Dida left that she took Sahana to her room. Ranbir comes into the room and Rhea talks about Decorating bedsheets and all but Ranbir says to Rhea that she can’t be in this room. Rhea asks why Ranbir says we can’t be together because no husband and wife is feeling between us.

Rhea says if there is no husband and wife feeling then what happened at maha Shivaratri what is that. Ranbir says nothing happened between us you think something has happened it is just an assumption. Rhea says if it is just an assumption why are you talking about it. Rhea says she will not leave this room because she did not come here but was brought here by Pallavi. She said to be happy with my son.

Rhea asks Ranbir how can he say to her that Ranbir is not happy with his wife in his room. Ranbir says if you want you can stay here but I cannot stay here. Rhea says Ranbir if you think our room is not big enough for you to rest then we can make Prachi move out of your room. Ranbir says that he likes Prachi and he doesn’t like her. Rhea says if you are not comfortable one can sleep on the couch and others can sleep on the bed and you can sleep on the bed.

Ranbir says it’s not about room bed or anything else you are different and I am different and when two different people get together then something bad happens, you can stay in the room and you will not say anything about our conversation to mother. Riya thinks to herself how long are you going to run away from me Ranbir I came to your room and I will also come into your life completely just there is a small work to do before that sending Prachi out of this house and I will do it very soon.

Prachi enters Dida’s room and sees that Shahana is still in a drunken state and is crying on Deda. Prachi tries to talk to her but she doesn’t listen. Sahana in tears says you don’t love Ranbir and you’re not supporting him. Prachi asks Dida to take Sahana video so they can show her how much drama she did the next day. Sahana tells she is feeling bad for Ranbir and falls asleep. Dida shows Prachi that she already recorded it. Prachi tells she is becoming smart like Sahana by staying with her.

Ranbir thinks Rhea can sense I love Prachi and Prachi loves me and Prachi didn’t help me because of her ego and I feel sometimes she won’t love me and she doesn’t like to listen to my version. He turns and sees Prachi hearing his words. Ranbir tells she came at in wrong time. Prachi says you always did working works. Ranbir requests her to give him one chance to set everything. He requests her to allow him to stay with her.

She asks if he feels everything is easy. Ranbir tells he feels everything is easy with her support. He asks her to vent out her frustration and asks her to won’t ruin their relationship. Prachi says she saw with her eyes that he slept with Rhea. Ranbir says your eyes cheated you and I will prove my innocence then you will feel more pain than today and I won’t forgive you easily that day so remember it.

Prachi tells him she doesn’t care and tells him that she will sleep in her room locking the door as she doesn’t want to share her room with anyone. Ranbir asks her to not lock the room door if she doesn’t want him to sleep with Rhea.

Ranbir comes near Prachi’s door. Prachi didn’t lock the door. Ranbir goes back thinking he will share a room with her once he proved his innocence. Prachi comes out from her room and notices Ranbir didn’t come. Rhea comes to Aliya’s room. Aliya asks what’s her tension. Rhea tells she fought with Ranbir. Aliya asks what happened. Rhea says he doesn’t want to stay with me and he hurt me telling nothing happened between us on Maha Shivaratri.

Episode ends.

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