KumKum Bhagya 25th July 2022 Written Update: Pallavi arranges pooja for Prachi and her baby


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The episode starts with Pallavi telling Rhea her plan of why she allowed Prachi to stay here. Pallavi tells Alia that she is going to give her full attention to Prachi and tells her to take care of Rhea. Pallavi goes away. Rhea asks Alia what she thinks. Alia says she can’t believe that Pallavi is this cunning. If we get angry we do something to let it out but Pallavi didn’t let it out and made a plan like this. Rhea also agrees for this kind of plan there needs to be a lot of anger.

Ranbir hugs Shahana and says he is very happy. Shahana says she can see that. Ranbir says he is very happy after a long time. Ranbir also shares his happiness with Daljeet and says Prachi has put her clothes back in the cupboard and she is not going anywhere. Daljeet says the real happy news is that the one who stopped her is Pallavi. Pallavi comes and Ranbir says to her you don’t know what kind of happiness you gave me. Pallavi says what I did is not for you I did it for myself.

Pallavi says with accepting Prachi I feel complete. Rhea and Alia see this and think about what is going on. Alia says only Pallavi knows what is going on. Pallavi says to Ranbir that she is going to arrange a Pooja after that there will be a party. Pallavi asks all of their help and asks them to promise. Pallavi asks Shahana also to promise.

Ranbir takes juice to Prachi’s room. He notices light rays are disturbing her sleep. He stands in between and gives her a flying kiss. Shahana sees them in happiness and thinks everyone must get a loving partner like him. He signs her what’s she doing. Shahana enters inside and hits the vase by mistake. Prachi wakes up. Shahana apologizes. She asks Ranbir why he came. Ranbir gives her juice. Shahana insists her to drink. Prachi drinks it and says it’s very sweet. Ranbir says ok and leaves.

Shahana says he may felt bad and he is doing everything to make you happy. Prachi asks why he is doing? He knows I stayed here for Mom. Shahana says you’re here that’s a matter. Prachi asks her to leave it and tells her that Pallavi is arranging a party for her and she agreed as her baby will get blessings and you know Aryan is attending the party. Shahana says it’s fine so drink it. Ranbir from the outside thinks he needs to regain Prachi’s trust and love.

Rhea gets surprised to see Saina. Alia tells her she called Saina for her help. Saina asks why they are organising pooja at home. Alia tries to tell. Saina sees Ranbir and goes to meet him. She hears Dida’s word and hears its pooja for babu and her baby. Saina tells Rhea that she understood that it’s for her. Rhea says it’s done.

Ranbir says you misunderstood as it’s pooja for Prachi and her baby. He leaves seeing Prachi. Saina asks Rhea what’s happening. Rhea leaves. Ranbir goes to Prachi. Shahana leaves them alone saying she has work. Prachi takes Pallavi’s blessings. Pallavi asks them to take her blessings together. She blesses them.

The Pandit asks for Kalash. Pallavi asks Ranbir to make Prachi sit and she goes to get water. Ranbir tells Prachi that he knows that she doesn’t need support, but he will always support her and will stand forwarding his helping hand for her. Prachi leaves. Pallavi searches for things in the kitchen. She sees Dida come to the kitchen. She asks if Prachi is fine. Dida hugs her and says everything is fine. Pallavi asks why she came to the kitchen?

 I want everything to be perfect in this pooja and she needs the elder’s blessings. Dida tells she is very happy and it’s like their old Pallavi is back and I’m glad Prachi is getting her rights. Pallavi says it is not like that, Prachi will get what is hers, and in the future too, she will get what she deserves. Dida gets doubtful. Pallavi gets the Kalash. She goes and gives it to Pandit. Dida thinks about what’s running in Pallavi’s mind. Pandit starts the pooja. Saina confronts Rhea. She asks if her fake pregnancy is exposed. Rhea twists her hand for saying it. Alia makes Rhea leave her. Saina says I’m not teasing you but feeling bad for you and seems like it’s like Prachi is really pregnant. Rhea says she is lucky. Alia asks Rhea to not create any tamasha.

Episode ends.

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