KumKum Bhagya 25th March 2022 Written Update: Prachi’s threatening warning to Rhea


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The episode starts with Rhea is telling Aliya that Ranbir is struck with Prachi and he didn’t want to move on with me. Aliya says everything will be fine and she asks Rhea to calm down. Rhea says she feels Ranbir is going far from her. Aliya asks her to fight back for Ranbir. Rhea agrees and thanks Aliya for her motivation. Aliya asks her to sleep. Once she left Aliya thinks it’s not easy like I said and it’s going to be a tough fight. Prachi impatiently waits for Ranbir. She throws Blanket at the sofa thinking she won’t let him sleep with her in the bed. Ranbir thinks it’s 3 and tries to sleep. Prachi opens the door for him. Ranbir wakes up thinking he is not getting sleep and notices it’s already 6. Prachi thinks he didn’t come, no one can sleep in the study room, she doubts whether he went to Rhea’s room. She goes out of her room.

Ranbir comes to Prachi’s room. He notices Prachi is not in the room then he goes to freshen up. Prachi notices study room is empty and she feels he may go to sleep with Rhea. Sahana stops Prachi and asks her to tell what happened. Prachi says Ranbir is a lier and she comes to Rhea’s room and knocks on the door. Rhea comes out and questions why they disturbed her sleep. Sahana goes inside and falls on the bed telling she is dizzy. Prachi notices Ranbir is not in the room. Then they leave. Rhea thinks about what happened.

Prachi tells Sahana that her hormones are making her act weird. She asks her why she behaves weirdly in the last night. Sahana is about to say something but Rhea stops them and tells Prachi that fear of losing Ranbir is visible in her eyes. Prachi says you should get some perspective, I may be jealous but I’m not feared to lose him and my jealousy is not good for you as I may try to snatch the thing which is mine. Rhea feels tense. Prachi leaves. Sahana says Rhea, you woke up Sherni and now she will get back her Ranbir.

Sahana comes to Prachi and asks if she mean what she said. Prachi says she won’t tell her. Sahana says you’re jealous thinking what if Ranbir went to sleep in Rhea’s room. Ranbir comes out from the washroom and tells he felt good to know that she is disappointed that he didn’t come. Prachi tells him no and she diverts his attention and removes the pillow and blanket from sofa. Ranbir says I know you waited for me and I saw that you’re taking a pillow. Prachi tells those are for her. Ranbir pinches her cheeks and asks her to serve and feed breakfast to him. He leaves.

Rhea notices Ranbir is coming out of Prachi’s room. Rhea asks why he is coming out from Prachi’s room. Ranbir tells it’s his room too. Rhea tells him to use their room. Ranbir tells her he is hungry and goes to dining table telling they can have a discussion later. Rhea thinks to have breakfast with him. Sahana asks Prachi why can’t she acknowledge him. Prachi says there is nothing and you know that I can’t behave normally with him after witnessing his moments with Rhea on Maha Shivaratri. Sahana says nothing happened between Ranbir and Rhea, that’s why he didn’t remember anything, last night I felt intoxicated after drinking the tablet I got from Rhea’s dustbin and same table Rhea used it on Ranbir and I couldn’t feel my body as I felt numb then how can Ranbir do anything with her in that state. Prachi asks Sahana to leave telling she doesn’t want to discuss it. Sahana asks her to listen to the truth. Prachi asks her to leave telling they can discuss later. Dida asks Ranbir why he is so happy. Ranbir tells her he is so happy. Prachi comes out from the room getting ready in a saree. Ranbir stares at her happily. He tells Dida that he is feeling Prachi is looking so good. Prachi tells his view is changed. Ranbir asks her to change her view so they can freshly start everything. Prachi looks on. Dida leaves giving them space.

Ranbir forwards his plate. Prachi insists on Dida to sit with them. Ranbir tells Dida that Prachi is scared of getting exposed. He tells he is hungry. Prachi is about to serve him but Rhea interrupts them and serves Breakfast to him. Sahana takes that plate. Rhea asks why she take the plate which she served for Ranbir. Ranbir asks Sahana to have it. Aliya asks Sahana when is she leaving. Ranbir says she won’t leave now. Rhea says Sahana is pregnant. Everyone gets shocked. Ranbir says she is not and he takes Rhea with her and asks her to cover up. Rhea tells she said it in a fun way. Pallavi and Dida scold Rhea and warn her to not make fun of anyone’s pregnancy. Ranbir asks them to end it.

Prachi serves breakfast and handovers it to Ranbir. He takes it happily. Rhea tells him she lied for him and tells she deserves some credit. Ranbir says yes you do. Rhea takes a bite from his plate. Prachi leaves from there. Sahana leaves with their breakfast telling they will eat in the room. Ranbir asks Pallavi about his Dad. Pallavi tells he is in room. Ranbir goes to meet him. Prachi apologises to Sahana and tells her that she didn’t like her to get insulted because of her. Sahana tells she can do anything for her. Prachi hugs her. Sahana asks her to not become emotional because of her pregnancy. Prachi sees Ranbir at the doorstep and diverts the conversation. Ranbir comes there. He holds Prachi’s hand and tells Sahana that they are with her and you may have reason to hide this from the person. Prachi thinks she has a reason. Sahana leaves. Ranbir asks if they are hiding anything from them. Prachi questions him why he allowed Rhea to eat from his plate.

Aliya tells Pallavi that everything gets settled with grandkid. Pallavi smiles. Dida leaves telling it’s not Ranbir’s decision to share room with Rhea. Pallavi leaves. Aliya asks Rhea to make everyone feel that Ranbir is happy because of her. Rhea assures her she will set everything. Ranbir asks why she is looking jealous. Prachi says she is his wife. Ranbir says you’re proving we still have every relationship between us. Prachi asks what he wants in life. Ranbir says you’re changed. Prachi asks him to not divert the topic and asks him to answer her. Ranbir says Rhea didn’t reveal Sahana’s pregnancy that’s why I let her eat the bite. Prachi tells him Rhea is the one who caused the problem. Ranbir says you’re not listened to me on Maha Shivaratri also and I want to win you by proving my innocence to you.

Episode ends.

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