Kumkum Bhagya 25th October 2021 Written Update: Abhi tells Tanu that only Pragya is his Wife


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The Episode begins with Abhi saying that she doesn’t like his songs. She says that she started liking later and she is his fan. She asks him why did he left the music. He says that he had no inspiration hence he left it as his inspiration left him. She asks him to sing for her and he denies. He leaves from there. She wonders what has happened.

Rhea sees Ranbir working and says that Siddharth is with Prachi. He says that they are working on a project. She says that she haven’t seen a man like her. He holds her hand and makes her sit. He says that he would have been angry if it was someone else. He says that she thinks that Siddharth likes her but that’s not true. She asks whether he thinks they doesn’t like each other. He says they does. He says that he likes her as well. He says that they are friends. He asks her not to think too much. She says that he is over confident. She asks him to prove himself right or she will wrong. He says she is still the same. He says that he will prove her wrong. He says it’s his promise.

Siddharth and Prachi are working. She says she wants to check on Ranbir. She says he is important for her as well. She says she wants to work for him and to make it easy. She says that she likes fairytales and she wants her life to be like a fairytale. She leaves from there. Rhea hides seeing her. Prachi comes to Ranbir who wakes up with her touch. He asks her to make him sleep and she lies beside him caressing him.

Pragya comes to Abhi and asks him to get up from the bed. She says that he has showed his back to her. She asks him how can he deny so rudely. She asks him to sing for her but he denies. She gives him the guitar. He holds the guitar and gets emotional. He keeps it aside. She starts to play the guitar and he takes it from her saying she is insulting. He starts playing the guitar sitting infront of her. He sings a song for her. Tanu hears it and wonders whether he is singing and decides to see fir herself. Aliya and Tanu sees him singing song for Pragya. Pragya sees them and closes the door on their faces. She thanks him. He thanks her for making him meet with his guitar and office. She says she wants to make him meet himself. He leaves from there. Tanu says to Aliya that he started loving her again. Aliya says he is finally happy. Aliya says that at the end he will go to Pragya. Tanu says to her that she is the worst and leaves from there.

Abhi comes down stairs and asks for Pragya. Tanu says to him that he is behaving like a man falling in love. He says he don’t want to answer her and asks her who is he. She says that she was with him. He asks her who asked her. She says that husband and wife stay together. He says that he is staying with his wife Pragya and he never divorced her. He says it’s only her right. The Screen Freezes On Pragya.

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