Kumkum Bhagya 26th January 2023 Written Update: Ranbir goes to receive Kaya


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The episode starts with Prachi looking at the pendant and thinking of her baby and thinking where is she? Khushi wakes up her mom and asks her to eat the food? She says she is not hungry and tells Khushi to eat the food. Khushi asks her mom to get up and eat some food. Her mom tells her no and asks Khushi to let her sleep. She reminds Khushi that she has to go to sell Roses tomorrow. Khushi puts a blanket over her and leaves from there. Ranbir opens the closet and sees a suit and thinks of Prachi. Khushi opens the window and sees the stars. Ranbir and Prachi also see the stars from their windows. When they see a comet fall they wish for what is in their heart. Prachi and Ranbir wish for Panchi to be back in their lives. Khushi wishes so that her father will be back in her life. Ranbir and Prachi recall their moment with their daughter. Khushi sees a star shining and thinks her wish will come true.

Shahana says to Prachi that her boss came. Ashok asks Prachi if she has calmed down. Prachi comments on it. Ashok tells Dadi that Prachi rejected his offer infront of the whole staff and asks Dadi what should he do? Prachi asks Ashok if he is blackmailing her. Ashok comments on it and apologises to Prachi for his behaviour. Prachi asks Ashok not to talk like that. Ashok asks Prachi ‘why can’t he send someone else to Delhi?’ he says because he needs her and says to Prachi a financial fraud happened in Delhi and Delhi’s head Surendar Dhami is not working well. Prachi asks Ashok if he can’t send someone else. Ashok says he can send his son who returned from the USA but he doesn’t trust him. Ashok says he needs to learn how to do business from here because she is the best. Ashok asks Prachi for her help as a father. Prachi hearing this agrees to go to Delhi. Prachi asks Dadi if she is going to come. Dadi says she will also come. Ashok says to Prachi that they can shift when after a while.

Aryan sees that Ranbir is not sleeping and asks Ranbir why is he not sleeping. Ranbir says he is just thinking about something. Ranbir asks Aryan why is he not sleeping? Aryan reminds Ranbir that he went on something. Ranbir recalls about it. Aryan puts Ranbir to bed. Ranbir thanks Aryan for taking care of him. Aryan leaves from there.

Dadi gives Prashad to Prachi. Shahana gives a a scarf to Prachi saying it is quiet cold in Delhi. Shahana asks Prachi why is she sad ? Prachi says she is sad as she is not coming with her. Shahana cheers her up. Shahana asks Prachi where is her office. Prachi says Sahara Plaza.

Ranbir comes to Sahara Plaza and argues with the security guard about his car parking. Ranbir gets a call from his boss and says to the security guard he is leaving.

Ranbir receives his client call. Client asks if he went. Ranbir says he is going. Client says the flight is about to land and my daughter’s name is Kaya and write it on the plain card so you can receive her easily. Ranbir says no need as I can enter inside the airport as Aryan friend has coffee shop inside the airport. The client says that’s why I sent you. He says his daughter is a shy type. Ranbir says he will manage. Client thinks he doesn’t tell Ranbir about his daughter’s attitude but I feel only Ranbir can handle her.

Ranbir reaches the airport. He thinks how to identify Kaya. He calls his client and asks him to send his daughter’s photo so he can identify her. On flight Prachi thinks about Ranbir. She thinks to not think about Ranbir. She prays god to never let her meet Ranbir. The flight lands in Delhi airport. Ranbir meets Aryan. They go to Anil’s shop and order Coffee. Ranbir thinks about Prachi and thinks she can never return. Prachi comes there but they didn’t see each other.

Episode ends.

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