KumKum Bhagya 26th July 2022 Written Update: Pallavi promises to clear the differences between Ranbir and Prachi


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The episode starts with Ranbir and Prachi performing Pooja. Vikram tells Pallavi that he is feeling happy seeing her happiness. Pallavi tells she is happy seeing everyone happy. Dida says patience gives us tasty fruits. Pallavi says Prachi and Ranbir are happy together and I will join their relationship. She promises Vikram and Dida that she will clear the differences between Prachi and Ranbir. Vikram and Dida feel happy.

Pandit asks them to forward their hands. Ranbir forwards his hand. Prachi does forward her hand. Pallavi placed Prachi’s hand in Ranbir’s hand. Rhea looks angry. Shahana thanks, God. She places a new bucket for AC water. The pandit asks them to tell their wishes to God. Ranbir wishes for their happy married life. Prachi prays for her baby. Ranbir sees Prachi is smiling seeing him and tells Pandit that his Pooja is working. Prachi says it’s just a smile. Ranbir tells her smile is everything to him. Rhea feels jealous and tries to leave but Alia stops her.

Shahana throws AC water which falls on Aryan. He cleans his face with her chunni. Mili comes there and tells him that she lost the bet. Aryan makes Shahana meet Mili. The pandit ties mauli to Prachi and Ranbir. Dida’s friend Manu arrive in the party. Pallavi and Ranbir feel happy seeing her. Dida makes Manu meet Ranbir and Alia. Pallavi introduces Prachi as Ranbir’s wife. Manu aunty asks who’s she referring to Rhea. Pallavi says she is sister of Prachi. Rhea gets angry and leaves. Alia sends Saina behind her. Dadi asks Prachi to not become weird like her sister and aunt. She blesses Ranbir and Prachi. Dadi asks Ranbir if Prachi is looking beautiful because of pregnancy? Ranbir says she is beautiful like her heart. Dadi applies black dot to them.

Saina tells Alia that Rhea is disappeared. Alia finds Rhea in the cupboard. She asks her what happened. Rhea tells she is unable to hear when Prachi is getting all the attention. Alia says Pallavi is doing it for the baby. Rhea says Pallavi is lying and did you see how she make me feel like an outsider. She is trapping us not Prachi. Alia says she is overthinking. Rhea recalls Pallavi promise and tells we can’t trust Pallavi anymore as she promised Vikram and Dida that she will unite Prachi and Ranbir.

The pandit asks one by one to place fruits in Prachi’s pallu. Dadi says she will place them first. Dida stops her telling Pallavi will do first. Dadi teases Vikram and sends him to call Pallavi. Mili introduces herself as Aryan’s girlfriend to Shahana. Aryan teases her again. They argue with each other. Shahana asks him to enter inside changing his dress. He listens to her advice. Alia asks if she is sure. Rhea says she is sure and how to trust Pallavi after knowing her intentions. Pallavi comes there saying you’re right but it’s wrong to doubt me and I know you were there and listening to my words still I said it to them. Rhea asks won’t she care for her? She tells Alia that she doesn’t have any value. Pallavi questions why she is talking like a kid and asks when will she grow up.

Episode ends.

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