KumKum Bhagya 26th May 2022 Written Update: Ranbir shifts to the adjacent room of Prachi


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The episode starts with Ranbir coming into Prachi’s room. Ranbir shows Prachi her Mangalsutra and puts it on her. Doctor comes into the room and asks why is here. Doctor says to him to go to the house as his family is with him and they will also take some rest if he goes home. Prachi also asks him to go the home.

Ranbir asks the doctor to tell the family that he needs to stay for two more days for observation. Doctor tells to the family as Ranbir asks. Vikram and his family go to Prachi to see how she is doing.

Vikram comes to Prachi’s room along with his family. Vikram asks how is she doing. Prachi says she is fine and says there is no more pain. Prachi also praises Rhea and calls Rhea her sister. Pallavi starts pointing it out. Vikram says to stop it but they don’t. Vikram says to them that he thinks they should leave the hospital. When they are leaving.

Prachi calls Rhea. Rhea says before calling me sister remember that Ranbir is still between us. Ranbir asks the Receptionist to shift him to room no 6 which is adjacent to his wife’s room. Nurse denies to alot him that room telling him it’s for Doctor access. Prachi asks what she meant. Rhea says there is no sister relationship between us. Prachi says it’s between us and we witnessed it. Rhea says it’s common instinct and doesn’t misunderstand that it’s my life. Ranbir tells the Receptionist that he needs to stay near Prachi to get better mental health. He convinces Receptionist with his words. He takes rose with him and goes to room no 6.

Prachi says I saw how you’re breaking down along with me. Rhea says I recalled mom words and helped you but I’m fool to help you and I’m feeling regret for saving you and I’m wishing for your death as I lost everything because of you. Prachi asks what’s she saying. Rhea says she is telling the truth and tells her that she was the one who send Nick to kill her and today also I came to kill you but some other car hit you but I did a mistake by saving you and if I ever get a chance I will kill you otherwise I will pray for your death. Prachi looks shocked. Rhea asks her to remember that Ranbir is mine and I will snatch him from you. She leaves.

Shahana brings mangoes. Rhea asks her to take care of Prachi. Shahana asks what happened. Rhea tells her about Prachi’s accident and asks her to take care of her. Shahana goes to Prachi’s room. Pallavi attends Dida’s call. Dida asks how’s Prachi and asks her to make her talk with Prachi. Pallavi says she comes out from Prachi’s room and disconnects the call telling she is getting another call. She thinks everyone is chanting Prachi’s name. She sees Ranbir is going with Flower. She asks doctor why he is roaming in the hospital and she asks him to not hide anything from her and questions why he stops them. Doctor says Ranbir requested me to lie and he is shifting near Prachi’s room and he is young and totally in love with Prachi. Pallavi gets angry.

Episode ends.

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