Kumkum Bhagya 27th February 2023 Written Update: Ranbir visits Prachi’s house


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The episode starts with Prachi asking Payal to stay strong and giving assurance to Payal that she is with her. Payal takes her leave from there.

Dadi asks Prachi how can she believe that Ranbir can do something like that. Prachi says she is not believing anything she is only helping women in distress. Dadi reminds Prachi that she never told her that she was wrong even when she didn’t tell Ranbir and his family that she was alive. Dadi now tells Prachi that she is wrong and leaves from there. Shahana tries to explain to Prachi. Prachi asks Shahana to take care of Dadi and leaves from there.

Ranbir comes to Payal’s house. Payal gets surprised seeing Ranbir. Payal invites Ranbir into the house. Ranbir comes into the house and asks Payal how can she make false allegations against him. Ranbir reminds Payal that he dismissed her because she stole money from the company funds. Ranbir asks Payal to take back her complaint. Payal goes to her room locks up and calls Prachi. Payal says to Prachi that Ranbir came to her house and she is very scared. Prachi asks Payal not to do anything and she is coming to her house right away. Ranbir thinks to himself why is Payal not listening to him? Ranbir decides to tell the truth to everyone about Payal. Ranbir ties his shoelace. Prachi comes to Payal’s house. Prachi feels Ranbir and vice Versa but they don’t see each other. Prachi goes into the house. Ranbir leaves in his car. Prachi sees that the house is messed up. Prachi calls for Payal. Payal comes out of the room. Prachi asks Payal what happened.

Payal says Ranbir came here and asked her to take back her complaint and say that she was mistaken. Prachi sees men’s shoes in the house and thinks these are Ranbir’s shoes. Payal apologises to Prachi for disturbing her at this time. Prachi says to Payal that she has to say something and says she is Ranbir’s wife. Prachi says to Payal how Ranbir used to be in the past. Prachi says to Payal it doesn’t mean that she will not support her. Prachi assures Payal that she will support her no matter what. Payal thanks Prachi and goes to make coffee. Prachi comes to the kitchen and asks Payal whose shoes are those that are outside. Payal says it is her boyfriend’s. Prachi reminds Payal that she told Prachi that she broke up with her boyfriend. Payal makes up a reason for it. Prachi asks Payal what did Ranbir say to her? Payal says Ranbir threatened her. Prachi reminds Payal that she told her something else before. Payal makes a reason and covers up for what she said.

Ranbir comes to Prachi’s house. Shahana opens the door. Ranbir gets surprised seeing Shahana here. Ranbir asks Shahana to call Prachi as he wants to talk to her. Ranbir comes into the house and calls for Prachi. Dadi comes and asks who is it? Ranbir sees Dadi and hugs her. Dadi and Ranbir talk for a while. Dadi asks Ranbir to stay for a coffee. Ranbir agrees.

A reporter rings Payal’s doorbell. Prachi asks Payal who came at this time. Payal invites the reporter and introduces her to Prachi. The reporter says to Payal not to worry and saya she will help her as Ranbir came here and threatened her. Prachi asks the women reporter how does she know that Ranbir came here and threatened Payal.

Episode ends.

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