KumKum Bhagya 27th October 2021 Written Update: Pallavi praises Prachi making Rhea Jealous


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The episode begins with Gaurav saying that he is not doing this for money ahd he is doing this for business. Aliya asks him as to why Pragya will give him business. Gaurav says that he has the key to the locker Abhi is in and he has the proof to prove him innocence and she will definitely come to get the evidence and she will give him anything he asks for. Tanu gets impressed with his plan.

The Lawyer tells Pragya that Abhi’s bail us rejected because he has done a huge crime as he is the reason for the death of the six people. Pragya says that her husband didn’t do anything like that. The Lawyer says that the proofs are against him and he won’t be able to get the bail because his is considering to be a huge crime. Pragya says that she will get the evidence. Abhi is in the lock up and he remembers her words. Pragya comes to him and asks him to be strong. She tells him that she will get him out of the jail. She asks him whether Gaurav was there when he was discussing. Abhi says that he wasn’t there then. Pragya says that he was there because he called her and told her that he has the evidence to prove him innocence and he will give her it if she gives him what he wants. Abhi ridicules it. She is about to leave but he calls her back. She looks at him. He says that they both have issues and they both have complaints for each other but then they both definitely have a connection between each other. He asks her to leave and she leaves from there as he again goes back into the memories.

Gaurav opens the door to see Pragya standing there. Gaurav asks her to enter inside. She asks him what evidence he has. He says that he has an evidence to prove him innocent. She asks him what does he want. He says that he wants her business and her shares. She denies to give it. He says that he has a proof which will prove that Abhi hasn’t done the crime and there is also a video of him asking the contractor not to break the wall. Pragya shoots everything in the video and about to leave but he shoots in the air and deletes the video from her taking the phone from her.

Pragya meets the contractor and requests him but he denies. She then tells him that she became weak for a moment but now he will be in jail which makes him tensed.

Rhea comes to sit with Ranbir and Pallavi who are having their breakfast. Pallavi asks for Prachi to which Rhea says she is always with Siddharth and she is in the study right now. Pallavi says that Prachi is good at office work and she is glad about it. Rhea asks her how. Pallavi says that she has worked for Vikram. She says that Prachi looks like housewife but she is good at business while it is quite opposite for Rhea. Rhea thinks about her words. The Screen Freezes.

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