KumKum Bhagya 28th July 2022 Written Update: Ranbir ousts Rhea from the house


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The episode starts with Ranbir saying to Aryan that Alia is mad. Aryan asks are you trying to patch up and get us to fight again. Ranbir acts. Aryan hit him because he called Alia mad. Alia sees that Ranbir pushes Aryan away. Alia tells Ranbir to stop it. Alia says her fight with him is a matter between us. No matter what I still love him.

 Alia hugs Aryan and patches up their relationship. Shahana comes and asks are you going to hug him and not your daughter in law. Alia asks Arya n about it. Aryan says she did not become my wife yet. Alia says she wants to meet her. Aryan manhandles her and Shahana hits her leg and runs away from him.

Pandit Ji asks everyone to give their blessings according to the ritual. Pallavi comes and blesses her after that Daljeet and the rest follow. Alia looks for Aryan’s girlfriend and Shahana introduces her. Mini asks Shahana to take their blessings.

Daljeet’s friend gives her a gift. Aryan and Ranbir are worried seeing Alia and Mini together. Ranbir goes to give a gift to Prachi. Ranbir gives a photo of them together and says I promise to make you happy all the time like in the photo. Pallavi sees Daljeet’s friend sneaking away and she goes after her.

 Daljeet’s friend goes to Pallavi’s room and Pallavi comes in and sees that she is having a drink. Daljeet’s friend sees her and talk about it. Pallavi says she can have the drink. Pallavi asks her how did she feel when she touched Prachi’s hand. Dadi asks about Rhea and says Prachi’s child is going to bring good luck to the Kohli family and says she didn’t feel anything when she touched Rhea’s hand. Pallavi asks about it. She says Rhea’s child will bring bad luck to this house and Prachi’s child will bring good luck to this house.

Shahana and Mini congratulate Prachi. Daljeet asks Rhea to congrats Prachi. Rhea presents a gift to Prachi saying wish you can have a stillborn baby. Prachi pushes her and throws her gift. Alia asks why she pushed her. Pallavi asks what’s happening. Rhea says don’t know what’s Prachi problem is, I gave her best wishes but she pushed me.

Prachi asks the best wish? You’re feeling jealous of my pregnancy and she reveals to Pallavi and others that Rhea wished me to have a stillborn baby. She says I wanted to leave far from Ranbir for you and until now I bore everything but not anymore. Dida asks who says in this way to her sister’s kid.

Rhea says you guys are ignoring me and my baby because of this Prachi and my kid will be heir of this family not this Prachi baby and I wish Prachi and her baby die at this moment. Rhea pushes her. Ranbir warns Rhea to stay away from Prachi. Prachi says she can’t take risks with her baby and tells she will leave the house. Ranbir says he won’t let anything happens to her. Prachi says she won’t leave where Rhea stays. Pallavi says Rhea will leave the house.

Ranbir says mom is correct, Rhea is a threat to my baby. He asks her to leave. Rhea asks won’t they care for her baby. Ranbir says she doesn’t deserve to become a mom with her mentality. He warns her to leave the house. Rhea says it’s my and my baby’s house so I won’t leave. Pallavi and Dida, Vikram ask Rhea to leave.

 Rhea in tears says she won’t leave. She gets a knife and tries to stab Prachi saying they won’t get the baby but Ranbir stops her. Everyone gets shocked. Ranbir says I may kill you at this moment if you’re not pregnant and he throws her out and closes the door in her face. Rhea cries saying she can’t live without him.

Episode ends.

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