Kumkum Bhagya 29th April 2021 Written Update: Pragya vows to bring Abhi home from court proving his innocence


Kumkum Bhagya 29th April 2021 Written Update on SerialGossip

Episode starts with Pragya assures Ranbir that she will get them out from jail and goes to talk with Inspector. Contestable locks Prachi in cell and she goes to Ranbir and says you care for this girl right? I saw how you’re feeling pain when her Mom is scolding her and when I beat her but what to do you guys breaking law and she apologies to him and tells to Prachi that Ranbir loves her and suggests her to never leave the Ranbir who loves her so much and she leaves from that place. Inspector complains that Prachi and Ranbir break into her place to tamper the evidence. Inspector says that’s why he arrested them, that time Pragya enters his cabin. Inspector questions why her Daughter is involving in it. Pragya says they are kids so leave them giving warning. Inspector says we can’t leave them because they tried to tamper evidence. Tanu says you can’t leave them because their is threat for my life too, previously her daughter’s threatened me so it’s better if you arrest Pragya.

Pragya takes Tanu out of the room and asks what she wanted. Tanu says she wants her helplessness. Pragya asks her to not involve her family in their fight. Tanu says they are entering, 20 years back you win against me but now time is changed and it’s favouring me to defeat you. Pragya tells her she can’t harm her daughter’s or husband. Tanu leaves saying her whole family will burn in the fire she is about to start.

Pragya calls Raghuveer and asks where is he. Raghuveer tells her he reached to station with bail papers. Inspector asks Contestable to release them. Raghuveer asks inspector who informed to media about Abhi’s case? Inspector says don’t know. Raghuveer asks Inspector to found who.did it because you have to answer in court. Inspector looks uncomfortable. Vikram too arrives at station with lawyer. Pragya informs him that bail procedure is done and she introduces Raghuveer to Vikram. Contestable releases Prachi and Ranbir.

Vikram goes to get car from parking place. Tanu congratulate Pragya for getting the bail. Pragya says you can’t harm my family and I will save Abhi like I saved Prachi and Ranbir. Tanu says it’s your overconfidence because still I can Iodge murder charger against Ranbir and Prachi. Ranbir tells her, he is not scared. Tanu asks him to not involve in their discussion than she advices Pragya to let Prachi gets married before judge announcing Abhi is guilty otherwise she won’t get matches and tomorrow Abhi’s going to get punished. Prachi says you’re showing fake proofs. Tanu says who gonna prove its fake? Judge will believe my proof. Ranbir warns her. Tanu asks him to learn from Pragya because she knows how to behave in situation and Deep down she knows she will going to lose. Ranbir gets Vikram call and they rushes out.

Saritha wants to visit police station but Shahana stops her that time Pragya returns to home with Prachi. Pallavi sees Ranbir and scolds him for involving in case for Prachi without thinking about their name. Ranbir asks her to not involve Prachi name because I’m the one who went to Tanu place for Chief. Pallavi says that girl making you blind. Ranbir says you’re not understanding the situation. Rhea arrives there and witness their fight. Ranbir says Prachi is trying to save her Dad but you’re blaming her. Pragya raises her hand saying enough. Vikram asks what’s happening. Ranbir goes upstairs. Rhea follows him. Pallavi says Ranbir is fighting with me again for Prachi and he is forgetting about his engagement with Rhea and roaming with Prachi. Vikram asks her to mind her words, he went for Abhi, why can’t you understand it. Pallavi says he might rot in jail if you didn’t give him bail. Vikram says Pragya done his bail. Pallavi says it’s not big deal. Vikram says he can’t talk with her. Saritha asks if everything is fine. Pragya says Abhi will come back home after the hearing not to jail.

Episode ends.

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