Kumkum Bhagya 29th March 2021 Written Update: Aliya challenges Gayathri


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Episode starts with Ashok aims gun at Abhi than he thinks to kill Abhi in the outside house. Pandit asks Ranbir to make Rhea wear the ring. Ranbir takes the ring and he notices Prachi in place of Rhea and feels happy. Abhi comes downstairs. Ashok points gun at him and takes Abhi upside room and locks the room and tells him that your game is over. Abhi reminsces about Aliya game and he locks Ashok in washroom and tells him that he won the game.

Ashok thinks how to escape. Pallavi asks Ranbir to make Rhea wear the ring. Ranbir sees Rhea and looks on. Rhea asks her friend about Parth. Ranbir drops the ring while thinking about Prachi words. Abhi picks up the ring. Rhea says it’s engagement ring. Aliya says Bhai is drunk to guest. Rhea asks Abhi to give ring than Ranbir makes ring with flower and make Abhi wear it. Abhi returns the engagement ring to Ranbir and he goes upstairs.

Abhi jumps from first floor with cloth saying mogli. Everyone gets shocked. Ashok calls Killer and informs him how drunken Abhi locks him in bathroom. Killer says don’t worry I’m coming to venue so we can kill Abhi. Ashok agrees. Abhi swings holding cloth and ruins the decoration. Aliya says where Is Gayathri. Mitali says she is at upstairs. Aliya asks Mitali and Tanu to set everything and takes Abhi with her to upstairs. Mitali sees Gayathri and tells her how Abhi ruined everything becoming mogli. Pragya goes upstairs to check him.

Aliya about to beat Abhi but Ranbir stops her by holding stick. Aliya says how dare you to stop me, don’t cross your limits. Ranbir says don’t cross your limits, how can you raise your hand to hit chief, how can you beat your brother. Aliya says it’s noone of your business. Ranbir says I’m going to be son in law of this house and in other way also I won’t let you show your anger in chief. Aliya says he is my brother and I know how to handle him. Ranbir says you can talk with him properly but you didn’t, this party is not important than chief and he can do anything in party. Abhi gets scared.

Ranbir tells to Abhi that I love you chief and you can do anything you want and I won’t let anyone touch you and he warns Aliya to treat chief properly otherwise I will take Chief from this house and you can’t even found where I took him. Rhea enters room and asks what happened. Ranbir tells how Aliya is beating Abhi. Abhi says Aliya is beating me. Aliya says she didn’t. Rhea says Dad must be lying. Ranbir says what? He questions Aliya how can she act Infront of Rhea. Aliya says end this topic here and I’m warning you to never repeat it and leaves. Ranbir gets angry.

Rhea tells how she got embarrassed because of her Dad. Aliya dashes with Gayathri and scolds her for leaving Abhi. Gayathri shouts why you beat him. Ranbir takes Rhea with him to outside. Rhea asks Ranbir to never behave in this way with her aunt. Ranbir asks if she is really chiefs daughter. Rhea says what nonsense. Ranbir says how can you say he is embarrassing you? Didn’t you remember how he took care of you in childhood? Why you’re going against him. Rhea says you also do like me if your Dad struck in my dad’s situation.

Ranbir says no, I will treat him better and tries to take care of him like Gayathri and your Dad fulfilled your every wishes how can you forget it, for god sake become good daughter to him and he leaves from that place. Aliya says how dare you to talk with me in this way? Gayathri says never raise your hand at him, I will treat him. Aliya says make him set in one month than I will double your salary otherwise I will teach you lesson. Pragya thinks she will do it.