Kumkum Bhagya 29th March 2022 Written Update: Aliya helps Nick


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The episode starts with Jay asking if he can question him. Ranbir denies telling him he is stressed and asks him to focus on company matters. Jay asks if he is tensed about Prachi. Ranbir lies that he doesn’t. Jay insists he to tell him about his problem. Ranbir tells he is tensed thinking about his reputation. Jay says you’re a good person and everyone loves you at the office. Ranbir says no one respects me at home and Prachi is not treating me well which is hurting me and she feels I moved on with Rhea as she saw me with Rhea in bed. Jay asks how can he. Ranbir tells him that someone make him drink the baang even though he banned baang from party. Jay says it means someone spiked your drink intentionally and he asks him to check the Cctv footage. Ranbir agrees and tells him that he will find who’s the culprit.

Rhea in tension goes to Aliya’s room and tells her that Prachi has found out that we spiked Ranbir’s drink and she even knows that nothing happened between us and Sahana said they have proof and I’m getting exposed so what I need to do. Aliya asks her if Ranbir talked to her. Rhea says no. Aliya says they are not sure that’s why they didn’t inform him. Rhea says true and they want me to does a mistake to get caught. Aliya says exactly so stop feeling panicked and tell Ranbir that you don’t know who dropped that medicine i your dustbin as many guests arrived at our place on Holi. Rhea agrees and tells they have to do something to Prachi. Aliya tells her she has meeting in the night and tells her that they can talk tomorrow. Rhea agrees.

During the night Aliya sits in her car and talks with Sharma. Ranbir returns home and asks the guard to get him the Cctv footage of Mahashivratri day. Aliya hears his words and goes from there. Ranbir prepares a Sandwich. Prachi comes to the kitchen. Ranbir asks why she came. She tells him that she came to drink water. She drinks water and asks why he is eating a sandwich and asks him to eat proper dinner. Ranbir tells her he doesn’t like to eat cold food and tells her that he is lazy to warm food. Prachi tells him she will warm food for them. She warms the food. Ranbir stares at her and recalls their past moments. Prachi serves food on 2 plates. She gives him a plate. He asks her to eat with him. Prachi joins him. Ranbir wipes food from her lip. Rhea gets shocked seeing them and she thinks it’s happening because of me but for future events, you will be responsible Prachi and she thinks she can take Pallavi aunt’s help as Aliya is not at home.

Aliya gets struck in the traffic because of someone’s issue and she scolds them for jamming the traffic. Nick asks if she remembers him? And he tells her he is Preeti’s boyfriend Nd he asks Aliya to give him 10k to escape from the accident case. Aliya gives him money. Nick pays the amount then he thanks Aliya and tells her that he will help her if she needs his help in the future. Aliya warns him to keep his arrogance with him.

Rhea steps ok lamp seeing Pallavi. Pallavi asks her what happened. Rhea tells her Prachi is trying to snatch Ranbir from me and they are having a moment in the kitchen even though he is married to me and it’s your fault as you failed to control Ranbir and I know this hurts you but it’s the truth and you know that what Prachi and Sid did and Ranbir forgot about it but what happened to you? Prachi may ruin our reputation again and at a party, you guys said many things to me but I was silent as I respect you and love our family and I agree that whatever I did with Prachi is wrong but there is no smoke without fire and she is with Sid when she is not here and she returns to ruin my life and I’m becoming alone as my sister is breaking my house.

Episode ends.

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