Kumkum Bhagya 2nd April 2021 Written Update: Dadi praises Gayathri for Abhi’s health improvement


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Episode starts with Pragya saves Abhi from chandlier accident. Ranbir notices Pragya face and Pragya covers her face immediately. Everyone rushes to Abhi. Killer and Ashok runs out hurriedly. Prachi says seems like those 2 are behind this accident. Vikram follows them but they gets escaped showing the gun. Vikram calls inspector and he goes to police station to file fir. Doctor checks Abhi condition. Rhea asks how’s he. Doctor says he needs rest and maybe some clot happened because of this incident. Rhea and Prachi feels bad. Gayathri/ Pragya comforts Rhea. Rhea cries on her shoulder. Prachi is hesitant to move forward and Ranbir goes to hold her hand for support but he stops and Vikram enter inside and tells them that he lodged the fir. Doctor says my team will reach here in one more hour for tests , hope you don’t have any problem. Dadi says no problem. Everyone goes out.

Prachi Mobile fell down, Ranbir and Prachi head dashes when they bend to take it. Rhea says mind your business Prachi. Rhea holds Ranbir and he says we have to live like couple. Rhea says it’s my heart words. Ranbir praises her engagement ring. Prachi leaves than Ranbir leaves after wishing good night to Rhea.

Ranbir thinks Pragya auny love is great that’s why she entered to chief home like servant to take care of him otherside Prachi who cares just money, wish to get love like Pragya aunty. Pragya performs Aarti to Devi maa idol and questions why you’re testing my husband and kids? Please make my husband fine and give me those problems, I will handle them. Saritha emotionally hugs Pragya and tells to Pragya that everything will be fine very soon.

Next day Pragya hurriedly goes to Abhi room. Dadi asks what happened. Pragya sats I just came to see if he is fine or not. Tanu says don’t behave like wife. Dadi says Gayathri is the one who take care of Abhi so don’t talk anything about her. Doctor tells to family members that Abhi condition is getting better. Dadi says Gayathri is reason for Abhi improvement. Doctor says good job. Servant informs Tanu that she have got courier. Tanu goes to her room to check it. Pragya asks why he is not waking up. Doctor says it’s medicine affect and he will wakeup soon.

Tanu feels happy seeing her Divorce got sanctioned. Aliya goes to her and asks what happened. Tanu says finally I’m divorced and can move in my life. Aaliya says you have to marry Abhi tonight Infront of family and judge who gonna finish power attorney formalities too. Tanu agrees to marry Abhi. Aliya says you have to marry him before his mental condition improves. Tanu agrees. Abhi asks Pragya if she will marry him.

Prachi waits for vehicle. Ranbir stops his car Infront of her and asks don’t you know why I came here. Prachi says to drop me. Ranbir says than what’s the need of Chor police game, when you get it. Prachi walks away but Ranbir stops his car Infront of her and asks if she is scared to come near him thinking he can read her feelings for him. Prachi sits in his car. Ranbir says don’t feel like I care for you, I’m doing this for your Mom and it’s same road where you fought with 2 guys. Prachi feels emotional reminscing the past.

Pragya teaches Abhi how to make Abhi, he couldn’t make them properly and asks how to play. Pragya gives him the planes she prepared and she tells him that she have to leave to home. Abhi plays with his planes and she about to leave than he asks Pragya if she can marry him. Pragya looks on. Abhi says Pandit told me that we can live together once we get married and i like to spend time with you. Pragya says let’s get married once you get fine. Abhi says very soon I will become fine than we can marry. Pragya says yes and tells him that she’s going than thinks how to tell him that he is written in my Bhagya.