Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March : Maya and Rhea against each others


Kumkum Bhagya 2nd March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on Serialgossip.in

Today’s episode begins with, Ranbir and Prachi gets locked into library. They start trying to find a way to escape from there, Meanwhile Ranbir begins flirting with Prachi. He explained to Prachi, if no one come here to help us. Then we have to spend our night here. Then you’re heart begins beats faster, me and you all alone and nobody can disturb us. But Prachi averts Ranbir.

Afterwards she turns back and said to Ranbir, do not marry Maya. Ranbir asks why. She said because I do not want you to marry her. Later Rhea and Maya begin fighting each other for Ranbir. Rhea simplifies Maya, if you do not stay away from Ranbir, then I’ll tell your father about your sins. Since I have a proof .

Maya says, do not worry Rhea I have a proof against to you, and this is your diamond necklace which you gave me. So in the event you intend me against me, then I shall go to your dad and tell him about your ture face. And she went from there.

Ahead, Prachi and Ranbir requesting Assistance. Meantime a boy arrived and he helps them. However, Prachi gets hurt when that boy is opening door. Ranbir asks her are you fine. He reveal his care towards Prachi.

At precisely the exact same time Rhea arrived there and she saw Ranbir’s love for Prachi. She went from there from frustration. Her friends asks her, what happened to you, tell us. She tells them about her previous story with Maya that how Maya and she plots Ranbirand file a molestation case,as she wishes to remove Prachi out of his life. But now everything is moving against me as today Maya wants to wed Ranbir for money.

In morning Prachiwatching Ranbir and Maya’s video recording. Meanwhile Sahanahears everything that Ranbir said into movie. She asks Prachi whatdid Ranbir said, he love you. Prachi states, no that is his play, do not take it seriously.

But Sahana states, I believe in lori party he wanted to make you jealous and that is why he gets intimate with Maya and later that situation happenes. Prachi asks Sahana to stop her wild imagination.

Afterwards, Ranbir also considering Prachi and wishes to propose her. Here his mom come and asks himif you would like propose someone thenpropose her, as her answer will be’yes’ as she believes Ranbir also adore Rhea and wishes to share his feelings towards her.